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IK ALK 1.5 Alkaline Handheld Sprayer

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Alkaline Specific Hand Sprayer

IK ALK 1.5 Pump Up Sprayer the standard in pump up sprayers. Designed to make applying most products to your car easier than a trigger spray mixing bottle and with more control.

Add your desired chemical to the 1 litre container through the easy fill wide mouth opening, pump up the pressure, pull the trigger to dispense the product in a constant long-lasting spray. No more saw hands after use and no waste of product going where you don't want it.

Designed to be particularly resistant to alkaline substances, alcohols, and ketones the IK ALK 1.5 also has a safety value set to 2.5 bar, so you can't over pressurise it. The two spray nozzles included (cone and fan) are both adjustable for your optimum setting. Lastly the chemical tank is translucent with marks, so you can check the overall contents or measure out the correct dilutions.

The ALK 1.5 is also available in a harsh chemical resistant or a standard chemical resistant version. Choose the HC specifically if you know you will be using products such as tar removers or strong wheel cleaners. Each of the HC or the ALK 1.5 will last significantly longer compared to the standard IK Multi 1.5 if using stronger chemicals.


  • Valve - Tared @ 2.5 bar
  • Nozzle - Adjustable conical nozzle and fan
  • Useful capacity - 1L
  • Total capacity- 1.50L
  • Litres/Min @ 2.5 bar - 0. 7 l/min
  • Gross weight - 0,60 kg
  • Net weight - 0,46 kg


IK Sprayer Chemical Table

IK Sprayer Instruction Booklet

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