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IK Sprayers - By Experts For Experts

IK Sprayers, a leading brand that specializes in high-quality sprayers for various applications. It is simple, to provide customers with reliable and efficient tools but many manufacturers cut corners to make a substandard product. IK always put the quality of their products first, so you know that your equipment when detailing your car will work when you need it.

They offer a variety of sprayers designed to meet the diverse needs of car detailing, including:

  • IK Foam Pro 2: A high-performance foam sprayer, adjustable nozzles for better foam consistency and coverage.
  • IK Multi Pro: A pressure sprayer with simple pump up action for longer lasting spraying.
  • IK HC & ALK: Chemical resistant products for use on heavy car cleaning chemicals, safe to know that the cleaner will not eat through the seals too quickly.
  • IK eFoam: Large electric foamer for complete hassle-free experience.
  • IK PPF Sprayer: Designed for professional use in paint protection film application.

The IK Foamers come in a variety of sizes depending on how much mixture you need to make at one time. Using a product's specific dilution ratio is better to ensure optimal performance, but we recommend a dilution ratio of 1:9 (product:water) for most applications. This ratio ensures that the foam consistency and coverage are optimized for car cleaning.

There are several types of spray pumps available, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. IK Sprayers, offer a range of pump and trigger types to suit most needs.

  • Handheld pump sprayers: Compact and portable sprayers that can be used for small-scale applications.
  • Large Pump Up Sprayers: Better suited for detailers and professionals, allowing them to mix up larger quantities of product at one time.
  • Trigger Sprayers: Quick fill and can be used for interior or exterior car cleaning.
  • Foam Sprayer: When you require a chemical to come out as a foam you can’t just add it to a normal spray bottle. The foaming nozzles give you great control, even without a pressure washer.

In conclusion, IK Sprayers offers a range of sprayers for a much easier way of cleaning your car. Stop using cheaper bottles which fail over and over again or triggers that are not up to the task of even distribution. With reliable, efficient, and easy to use sprayers, they are perfect for home users and professionals. Visit our online store today to browse our product range.