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IK HC TR 1 Trigger Sprayer

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Solvent Resistant Trigger Sprayer

IK HC TR 1 Spray Bottle is a must-have if working on any car. The problem is most spray bottles just won't last when used with solvents or other harsh chemicals. IK HC has a maximum resistance against lubricants, vegetable and animal oils, hydrocarbon-based, solvents, and petroleum products.

Tar and glue removes are known for breaking mixing bottles quickly, even when supplied with a trigger sprayer on the bottle these can fail within a few weeks under the right conditions. This either leads to leaking product or they just don't work full stop. With the IK HC TR 1 you will be able to us the trigger again and again knowing it will outlast the competition by months. Whether it is the wheels, arch liners, the side of the car or wherever else tar may have built up, grab your trusty IK HC Mixing Bottle and spray away.

The adjustable conical nozzle gives for greater accuracy between a fine mist and jet settings; pair that with the ergonomic handle design, for comfortable use, and this trigger spray mixing bottle is a favourite amongst detailers. IK Sprayers haven't stopped there. The IK HC 1 also comes with a translucent design with products indicators, so you know how much product you have left.

The wide base and content identifying label gives you confidence in putting the product down when in use and picking up the correct spray bottle from the cupboard without hunting around every time.


  • Nozzles - Adjustable Conical Nozzle
  • Useful capacity - 1 Litre
  • Total capacity - 1 Litre
  • Gross weight - 0.19 Kg
  • Net weight - 0.19 Kg

How To Use:

  • Depressurise and cleaner after each use.
  • Dispose of chemicals according to legislation & regulations.
  • If the nozzle is blocked clean with water and do not use metal objects.
  • If the filter is blocked clean it with water.
  • Store the sprayer indoors and avoid temperatures about or below 5-30°C.
  • Apply grease to moving parts and seals regularly.


IK Sprayer Chemical Table

IK Sprayer Instruction Booklet

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