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IK PPF 12 - Window Tinting & PPF Metal Pump Up Sprayer

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IK Sprayers IK PPF 12 Window Tinting & PPF Sprayer | PPF Spray Application
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Professional Multi-Purpose Sprayer

The iK Window Tinting and PPF Heavy Duty Sprayer is ideal for Paint Protection Film, Window Tinting, and Wrapping applications.

PPF can be a gruelling job with hours and hours spent wetting a surface, apply the film and repeating if necessary. It is essential then to have a sprayer you can rely on and one that holds the quality demanded of anyone applying PPF or Window Tinting. Smaller triggers are out of the question, the trigger action does not give you the volume of water/solution needed and after an SUV your hands would be so tired the last wing may be too difficult to do. Smaller trigger sprayers have been the norm for detailers but with PPF work now being more than just a front bumper those 1/1.5L tanks can run out very quickly.

The IK Window Tinting and PPF Heavy Duty Sprayer has a 87psi pump capacity with more than enough liquid to fulfil the whole PPF or window tinting job without topping up. Made from high quality INOC on both the chamber and the tank and a 13 foot spiral hose to stop dragging on the floor and easy return when not in use; the sprayer has all the quality expected and loved from IK.

Speed up your PPF and window tinting work rather than going back and forth to top up a bottle after each panel.


  • Nozzle - Adjustable Conical Nozzle and Fan
  • Standard Valve - Schrader Valve
  • Pressure Gauge
  • 6 Bar Safety Valve
  • Plastic Handle with a support
  • High Quality INOX Chamber
  • High Quality INOX Tank
  • Hose - 13 Feet Spiral
  • Stable Base with Foot placement for pumping


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