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Kamikaze Collection d'Elegance Wax Raizin (100g)

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A Car Wax Like No Other

The Kamikaze Collection d'Elegance range is the latest offering of boutique style products to be developed in the far east. Made in Japan with the professional detailer in mind, the d'Elegance range contains only the finest components to make them some of the most impressive on the market. Key aspects of the d'Elegance philosophy include 'Raizin' meaning 'harder' and 'more gloss' for super water-repellent results. This is constructed using brand new, carbon nanotube technology and as a direct result, make the application and final results of the d'Elegance products both easier and more durable.

d'Elegance Wax Raizin is the most premium offering of car wax from the far east. Easily applied by hand, the wax comes encased in a stunning, hand-crafted wooden box that looks as good as the performance of the wax itself.

Features & Benefits:

  • Premium car wax
  • One of the best car waxes available in the industry
  • Contains hardening agents
  • Enjoy the hardest, glossiest look
  • Contains anti-static agent, carbon nanotubes
  • Delivers the strongest water repellence

Directions for use:

  • Ensure surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and dried
  • Open the d'Elegance Wax Raizin and take a small amount from the pot and apply to the applicator (see product video above for finger application)
  • Apply the wax to the surface one panel at a time
  • Buff away the wax gently until the surface is completely free of any wax residue

Size: 100g

IMPORTANT! When applying by hand, please do a Skin Patch Test in advance. After application, wash hands with hand soap.

Customer Reviews

John M
five stars 09 Mar 2023

Excellent wax

Excellent wax, a bit on the expensive side, however leaves an excellent finish

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