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Kamikaze Collection Door & Gate Stopper

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Innovative car detailing accessory to make machine polishing doors, bonnets & more, easier.

A fantastic piece of innovation from Japan's Kamikaze Collection, the Door & Gate Stopper is a must-have piece of kit to make the life of a detailer that little bit easier when machine polishing certain areas. Say goodbye to propping open doors with your knee/leg or even a bottle of polishing compound, with the Kamikaze Door & Gate Stopper you can securely prop open doors, bonnets and more, then get to work safe in the knowledge you've got a steady surface to work on.

The tool uses a long adjustable prop rod, together with a smaller fixed prop when the panel you are working on only needs to be opened a little. Polish those edges, curved bonnets and more with ease and add this accessory to your detailing arsenal to make your day-to-day machine polishing all the more easier.

Features & Benefits:

  • Bespoke made detailing accessory to prevent doors, bonnets, boots from closing
  • Makes machine polishing doors, bonnets & boot edges easier
  • Features long, adjustable prop rod for opening wider panels
  • Smaller, fixed prop rod for securely opening a panel only slightly

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