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Kamikaze Collection Film Surface Coat 2.0 (30ml)

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Kamikaze Collection Film Surface Coat 3.0 (30ml)
Kamikaze Collection Film Surface Coat 3.0
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Protective Coating For Wraps & Paint Protection Film.

Finally, a coating designed specifically to protect vinyl wraps and paint protection films (PPF), actually helping to repair minor defects in the surface.

Nano-sealants have been available for a long time but many contain solvents which can react with vinyl wraps, causing the adhesive to dissolve and the film to peel.

Kamikaze Collection Film Surface Coat has been formulated specifically to side-step this issue and instead provides protection from the elements as well as helping to heal minor surface defects.

Features & Benefits:

  • Protective nano sealant for vinyl wraps & PPF (Paint Protection Film)
  • Helps heal small defects
  • Prolongs the life of wraps
  • Adds hydrophobic performance
  • Increases gloss levels

Directions for use:

  • Shake bottle well
  • Place a few drops onto a Kamikaze Collection Applicator Pad
  • Apply using straight lines ensuring a uniform thickness and coverage
  • Allow to cure for no more than 15 minutes (depending on ambient air temperature and film applied to)
  • When coating is tacky to the touch, wipe off with clean microfibre
  • Allow 1 - 2 hours for full curing
  • For best results, apply a second coating after the first layer has cured

Size: 30ml

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Customer Reviews

David C
five stars 13 Jan 2023

The best PPF coating you can buy…

If you’re looking for an ultra slick, high def and durable PPF coating this is the business. Easy and quick to apply, with an ultra hydrophobic reaction making it so easy to remove bugs and debris. Highly recommend and used on multiple cars. Also recommend for roads trip and track cars!

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