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Koch-Chemie Speed Glass Cleaner (750ml)

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Koch Chemie Speed Glass Cleaner (750ml)
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For Crystal Clear Windows

Dirty, water-marked or smeary windows detract from the overall appearance of a car, so no detailing kit is complete without a good quality window cleaner.

SpeedGlassCleaner makes fast work of removing fingerprints, water spot marks, insect remains and even remnants of carwash waxes, leaving your windows clean, sparkling and streak-free.

Features & Benefits:

  • Gets to work quickly, even on stubborn marks
  • Removes oils, waxes, rain & water spot marks
  • Leaves glass with a smear-free, streak-free clarity

Directions for Use:

  • Spray directly on to the window
  • Buff off with a glass cleaning cloth or a soft microfibre

Size: 750ml

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Customer Reviews

Bertrand Lizeray
five stars 30 Sep 2022

Absolutely amazing

First time I bought Koch-Chemie glass cleaner and it’s absolutely came second on the Forensic Detailing Channel compartest and it’s fantastic highly recommended will buy it again.

five stars 27 May 2022

Great glass cleaner

Definite convert to this. Really quick and easy with not even the slightest hint of residue. Joy to use after a quick wash but also tough enough if doing a full detail.

five stars 04 May 2020


Used many different glass cleaners over the years but KOCH-CHEMIE is the best by far and always my go to cleaner. I even buy extra bottles to keep in the cars in case the windows need a clean while I'm on the road.

five stars 15 Apr 2018

This is a top product

Absolute great glass cleaner. Ordered this cleaner after reading some good reviews about it on Youtube. Used it while the spring sun managed to heat up some glass and it did a great job. Did not even have to wipe a second time with another microfiber. It simply left the glass all clean and shiny without any streaks. Even the smell is nice.

five stars 24 May 2015

Quick, simple, powerful

I've used many different glass cleaners before with varying results and degrees of difficulty in application. I saw a youtube video of this in action where caked on mayonnaise (as part of the test!) was removed with ease so thought I'd give it a go. Pleasantly surprised by the results, it really is effortless to use, quick in application and powerful! It made bird droppings, water spots, oils & other grime disappear in one pass! I'm definitely adding this to my Koch Chemie range as each KC product I used leaves me blown away. Would highly recommend this.

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