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Meguiars Professional Grit Guard

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Stop Grit At the Bottom Of Your Bucket

Meguiars X3003 Professional Grit Guard is designed to sit at the bottom of your detailing bucket to prevent loose grit, dirt and debris transferring back to the paintwork during your car wash via your wash mitt.

The heavy duty plastic grid significantly reduces the potential for swirls and light scratches to your car by stopping your wash mitt or sponge reaching the bottom of your bucket where the grit will sit. Just like panning for gold, the heavier grit and sand will sit at the bottom of your bucket and as long as you don't slosh the water around too much, it will stay there during the whole wash process. A small tip is to wipe the wash mitt over the guard gently (do not damage the mitt) to remove the trapped grit.

Using the 2 bucket method will also keep your wash bucket or wash solution cleaner for longer. At the end of the wash if the grit guards have been used effectively the wash solution should still be clean with your rinse bucket containing all the dirty water.

Perfect for use with the Meguiar's 5 Gallon Yellow Bucket or new Hybrid Ceramic Blue 5 Gallon Bucket.


  • Grit Guard Diameter: 26 cm
  • Grit Guard Height: 6.5 cm
  • Rigid four quadrant base
  • Compatible with Meguiar's Buckets (*not included)

How To Use:

  • Pop the Grit Guard at the bottom of each bucket, feet down
  • After use, remove from the bucket and rinse the grit out

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