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Car Detailing Wash Buckets

Using the correct product to clean your car will make a big difference, this includes the basics, wash buckets and grit guards. Wash buckets are used to hold soap and water, while grit guards help trap dirt and debris at the bottom of the bucket to prevent it from getting onto your wash mitt or sponge. Using proper wash buckets and grit guards is important for preventing scratches and swirls on your car's paint.

In detailing, we are always looking to improve the wash routine as this is where the most damage happens to the car paintwork. We've therefore gone a few steps further for a safer car wash.

Firstly, an introduction of a wheel cleaning bucket. This keeps all of that harsh brake dust away from the car shampoo and paintwork; it also gives you more water and some extra wheel shampoo as extra lubrication to clean those wheels. Looking for the complete 3 bucket wash detailing system? Find it here.

Secondly, we have introduced a full colour coded bucket system with matching lids to keep the wash solution completely separate from the rinse water. This will help with using the correct bucket before reusing your wash mitt on another section of your car. The lids make handy storage for your mitts, shampoos and brushes, plus an extra seat when washing the lower part of the car.

What is the 2 bucket wash method?

  • One of the most effective ways to wash your car is using the two-bucket car wash method. Keeping it simple, one is for the soapy water and the other clean fresh water to rinse everything off. By doing so, you can minimise the amount of dirt and debris that gets onto your wash mitt or sponge. Grit guards in both wash buckets help trap dirt and grit at the bottom of the bucket. Check out our bucket and grit guard offering from top brands, UF, Auto Finesse, Grit Guard and Meguiar's. Using proper wash buckets and grit guards, along with high-quality wash mitts and car shampoo, is essential for maintaining your car's appearance by protecting the paintwork from swirls and scratches. Washing your vehicle regularly is an essential part of caring for the visual appearance of your car, but it’s also the most likely time to accidentally inflict swirls into the paintwork. Safe washing techniques like the 2 bucket method all assist in the avoidance of accidental swirling and micro-scratches, which can quickly accumulate over time and before too long, paintwork can look irretrievably dull or tired. Just a couple of car wash buckets and grit guard, and we can significantly reduce this problem.

Why Wash with Buckets & Grit Guards?

  • Using 2 buckets for washing cars helps to separate clean and dirty water. The wash bucket holds the car shampoo and warm washing water, and the rinse bucket holds the rinse water. Ideally, a Grit Guard or Scratch Shield should be placed in the bottom of each bucket. A Grit Guard allows you to brush your wash mitt against it, releasing any dirt particles. This dirt then sinks with the guard, keeping any grit or debris safely at the bottom of the car washing buckets.

What size buckets do i need for car washing?

  • 20 Litre buckets are most suitable; given the size of modern cars and the absorbancy of quality wash mitts about 20L will do you per wash in each wash and rinse bucket.