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Menzerna Liquid Carnauba Protection (250ml)

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Menzerna Deep Gloss by Hand or Machine

Leave your polished car with a high gloss naturally hydrophobic carnauba coating by either machine or hand application. Designed by Menzerna to give you a deep gloss and an excellent soft surface feel, the Liquid Carnauba Protection will be one of the easiest products you have ever applied. With such a smooth liquid it spreads over any paintwork with easy, even better if it has been clayed and polished beforehand.

The hydrophobic protection will maintain the gloss for longer as dirt and water stick less than conventional paintwork. Tight drop formation allows the water to run off the car with gravity or wind movement taking much of the dirt away with it.

Use with a rotary polisher on low speed with the Menzerna Blue Pad or by hand with a microfibre cloth.


  • High-quality carnauba wax
  • Very high wax content
  • Hydrophobic surface
  • Very good drop formation
  • Soft surface feel
  • Ultimate deep gloss
  • For machine and manual application

How To Use:

  • Clean the paintwork with Menzerna Control Cleaner
  • Shake the bottle well and apply the Liquid Carnauba Protection to the Wax Foam Pad or applicator
  • Apply the sealant using a slow polishing machine (and the cross-coating method).
  • The wax can also be applied by hand using the Hand Polishing Applicator or a microfiber cloth
  • Leave the sealant to dry for 5 to 10 minutes and remove any residual polish with the microfiber cloth, without applying any pressure

Size: 250ml


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