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Microfiber Madness Incrediflair Wheel Mitt

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Microfiber Madness Incrediflair
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Long Pile Microfibre Wheel Cleaning Mitt.

Alloy wheels collect a great deal of dirt, grit, road salts and other harmful contamination. Whilst cleaning them regularly is an essential part of keeping them in good condition, using the same wash mitt for paintwork can result in some of that debris being transferred, and this can cause swirls and scratches.

Rather than risk damaging paintwork, keep a wash mitt dedicated to tackling the dirty job of wheel cleaning! The Microfiber Madness Incrediflair has been specially designed with wheel cleaning in mind. The material is less thick than a regular wash mitt, allowing it to fit better around alloy wheel spokes. Additionally, a 'thumb' has been added towards the centre of the mitt, so that your hand receives support when washing around the spokes and making washing far more comfortable in the process.

Features & Benefits:

  • Deep pile wash mitt with thinner backing - easier to manipulate
  • Ergonomically designed with centred thumb hold
  • Duel fibre construction reduces drag
  • Grey - will not get muddled up with blue Incredimitt for paintwork!
  • Durable construction
  • Chemically resistant material
  • Suitable for left & right handed users

Technical Specification:

  • Material: 92% polyester, 8% viscose
  • Dimensions: 250 mm x 160 mm x 25 mm
  • Machine wash at 40 degrees Celsius
  • Tumble dry on cool setting

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