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Microfiber Madness - Premium Microfibers

As any car care enthusiast and professional detailer knows; you can never have too many microfibres! Microfibres come in a variety of sizes and with a variety of pile and material mix. Having the right microfibre for the right job makes a big difference to how well that job is achieved and how quickly!

Microfiber Madness has been part of the detailing scene for many years and has worked closely with professional detailers and manufacturers to bring customers the very best towels. They focus on 3 core principles: Quality, Value Of Benefit, and Ethics. They call this “The Microfiber Madness Experience” and their goal is to supply all profession and enthusiastic car detailers worldwide with only the best microfibre towels and other unique tools that stretch the imagination.

With detailing as advanced as ever the simple lifestyle of wash and wax has grown beyond just a Sunday clean. Thousands of car lovers having full professional paint corrections done to their cars or even themselves picking up a polisher and correcting their paintwork; it is more important than ever to not introduce scratches. The highest quality cloths and towels and high percentage polyamide ensure that all Microfibre Madness products do the job and do it safely.

Take a look at the positive reviews on their most popular products such as the Microfiber Madness IncrediMitt Wash Mitt, the IncrediPole Kit or even the Chipmunk Edgeless.

Microfibre Madness towels are perfect for a wide range of cleaning and detailing tasks, including:

  • Car cleaning: Premium microfibres are perfect for cleaning your car's exterior and interior surfaces, including paintwork, windows, and upholstery.
  • Household cleaning: don't stop at the car you can us these cloths for inside the home; cleaning and dusting surfaces in your home, including counter-tops, mirrors, and furniture.
  • Detailing: The quality in Microfibre Madness towels and clothes are highly effective at removing polish, wax, and sealant residue from surfaces, leaving a glass smooth and streak-free finish.
  • Industrial cleaning: Our towels are also suitable for use in industrial settings, including cleaning machinery, equipment, and work surfaces.