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Microfiber Madness IncrediPole Replacement Cover

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New IncrediPole Cover

If you have multiple cars or have just had your IncrediPole for a long time, it is a good idea to swap over the Cover for a fresh microfibre.

Over time the microfibre will lose its softness due to multiple washes. This could start to increase paintwork marring whilst washing. No need to purchase a whole new IncreditPole KIT, just replace the microfibre cover. If you have multiple cars, then to stop the transfer of any dirt between washes, have a spare cover to swap over when you move to the next clean. Pop them both in the wash at the end so you are good for the next detail.

The Cover contains the same tiny fibres as the IncrediMitt, and will glide easily over the surface and absorbs dirt well so that no scratches are caused.


  • 1x Replacement cover
  • Head size 25 x 13cm.

How to use

  • Do not wash with powder, bleaching detergent, or fabric softener
  • Machine wash on low temperatures
  • Dry naturally or dry on a low temperature tumble dryer

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