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Nanolex Final Finish (200ml, 750ml & 5L)

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Silicone-Free Detailing Spray.

Nanolex Final Finish is a ground-breaking, water-based Quick Detailer with a revolutionary combination of ingredients.

Used as a spray on your cars clear coat, Nanolex Final Finish easily removes stubborn water spots, light dirt and fingerprints, and can also be used as a great drying aid after washing the car. In addition, Nanolex Final Finish forms a long-lasting layer of protection which gives outstanding water beading, a smooth-to-the-touch surface and a deep gloss finish. The mild formulation ensures a gentle and refreshing care for all clear lacquer surfaces.

With proper maintenance Nanolex Final Finish will have a durability of approximately 1000 km on the surfaces it was applied to.

Sizes: 200ml, 750ml & 5 Litres

Developed, tested & produced in Germany.

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Customer Reviews

five stars 22 Nov 2022

best detailer I've ever used

Probably the best detailer I've ever used. The way it works as a drying agent is fantastic. I don't know of anything else comparable.

Dan White
five stars 12 Oct 2021

You cannot beat this QD

This is probably the best QD/Mild Water spot remover, I've ever used!

Cleaner Cars Ltd
five stars 09 Jul 2018


Excellent product.

five stars 10 Nov 2015

Final Finish

Excellent product to use on SI3D, brings the car to a deep clean shine, use this on a weekly basis.

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