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PolishAngel CarnaubaFlakeWash (200ml)

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PolishAngel CarnaubaFlakeWash (200ml)
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Technologically Advanced Formula

Polish Angel FLAKE is a highly concentrated shampoo that cleans intensively and in an environmentally friendly manner, helping to regulate water consumption.

The technologically advanced formulation includes micro-fine Carnauba flakes.

Features & Benefits:

  • Unique formula contains real Carnauba flakes
  • Anti-Calcium formulation for a spot free finish
  • Suitable for all colours
  • Leaves no residue on plastic parts
  • 200ml of FLAKE contains 100g of Carnauba flakes

Directions for use:

  • Mix 30ml of FLAKE shampoo with 8-10 litres of luke warm water
  • Mix every 3 minutes to activate the shampoos unique properties
  • Using the 2-Bucket wash method, wash the vehicle from top to bottom
  • Rinse off remaining product
  • Carefully dry using a high quality microfibre drying towel

Size: 200ml (Select from drop down menu above)

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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