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PolishAngel Glasscoat Cosmic 9H v2 (50ml & 100ml)

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PolishAngel Glasscoat | Cosmic V2
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NEW IMPROVED V2 Highly Durable, Colour Enhancing Glasscoat

POLISHANGEL® specialise in colour-matched and perfectly interlocking handmade automotive finishing systems. This exclusive and unique system is unmatched in quality and sustainability. Each colour pigment generated is called a special colour spectrum or light spectrum. Millions of special micro pigments produce an extremely concentrated colour density to create a firework of spectral colour.

This patented coating system contains silica (SiO2) and titanium (TiO2), which increases endurance and provides a highly protective layer. GLASSCOAT COSMIC V2 provides an unbelievable surface clarity and colour transparency enhanced with Carnauba. Its pleasant creamy texture is easy to apply and easy to buff off.

Features & Benefits:

  • Produces a distinctive, glass-like finish with a warm carnauba glow
  • Extremely durable (18 - 24 months)
  • Imparts a natural hydrophobic effect
  • Forms a thick coating (10 - 14 microns)
  • Improved surface hardness of 9H (measured on the pencil scale)


  • High Quality Applicator Pad
  • Protective Gloves

Directions for use:

Prepare (prime) the vehicles painted surface first with INVINCIBLE 9H PRIMER. (This step is essential for the hardening process between lacquer and sealant.)

By Hand: Put a small amount of product onto the included applicator and apply with light, small circular motions. Note: COSMIC V2 goes a long way, a very thin layer is sufficient.

By Machine Polisher: Apply sparingly on a Black Waffle Machine Polishing Pad (Speeds up to 1000 RPM)

Curing: Let COSMIC V2 harden for 30 minutes and buff off residue with a clean dry microfibre towel. The surface should not be exposed to water or moisture for at least 12-24 hours. With the use of an Infrared Heating Lamp, the curing time can be decreased to 6 hours (instead of 12-24 hours) with a surface temperature of 35 degrees. The Infrared heater should be used within the first 15 minutes after application.

For optimum performance, COSMIC V2 can be re-layered after two hours. Specific binding receptors ensure perfect cohesion.

Plastic Trim: Using the included applicator, apply a small amount onto the surface in a circular motion. After about 30 minutes COSMIC V2 will bond completely with the trim and buffing off is not required.

After Care: It is recommended that the vehicle be washed with Polish Angel FLAKE.

Sizes: 50ml & 100ml(Select from drop down menu above)

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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