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PolishAngel High Gloss (200ml & 500ml)

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PolishAngel Polish Angel High Gloss
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Premium Gloss Enhancer

POLISHANGEL® High Gloss is the latest spray to enter the POLISHANGEL® range, delivering an even glossier finish than ever before!

A highly effective gloss enhancer, High gloss is composed of special polymers, silica, and an extremely high content of titania. Titania being one of the most reflective elements known to man, this means the finish that High Gloss imparts onto treated surfaces is extremely impressive. With a durability of up to seven months, High Gloss is also versatile and effective as a drying aid, maintenance spray, or standalone sealant with good preparation.

Features & Benefits:

  • Ultimate high gloss look
  • Lasts up to 7 months
  • Extremely easy to apply
  • Contains Titania for extra reflectiveness
  • Effective as a drying aid, maintenance spray or standalone sealant

Directions for use:

  • Ensure surfaces are well-prepared
  • Shake product well before use
  • Spray a very small amount onto the painted surface or onto a clean, dry microfibre towel
  • Spread with the microfibre until the product is thinly & evenly layered
  • Remove any remaining residue with a separate, clean microfibre towel

Sizes: 200ml & 500ml (Please select from the dropdown menu above.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Customer Reviews

Paul Juttla
five stars 18 May 2022


An amazing product, slightly expensive but absolutely worth the money for the results you get will def recommend this product.

five stars 17 Mar 2022


High Gloss does exactly what it says on the tin. It produces a superb high gloss and is really easy to use. My wife even commented on how shiny the car was & she never usually comments.

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