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Rupes Reveal Lite (750ml)

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Rupes Reveal Lite (750ml)
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Professional surface preparation product for cars.

RUPES Reveal Lite is a quality surface preparation spray that also acts as a high-performance cleaner. It has been specifically engineered to remove any remaining fragments of polish oils or compound dust, residues, waxes, non-durable fillers or any other types of potentially harmful surface contamination. Reveal Lite will thoroughly prepare a surface prior to commencing any paint correction using a machine polisher or alternatively it can be used afterwards in preparation for a sealant. Using a product like RUPES Reveal Lite will ensure whatever process you are looking to carry out next will allow the product to bond properly. For example, your favourite wax or sealant will perform to its maximum when applied to a surface that has been professionally prepared. RUPES Reveal Lite also works exceptionally well as an exterior glass cleaner too, making this product a highly useful, multi-function addition to your detailing bag.

Features & Benefits:

  • Surface preparation product
  • Easy spray-on application
  • Buffs off and removes any remaining contaminants
  • Removes polish residues, dust & all other contaminants
  • Excellent preparation before applying a paintwork sealant or wax
  • Can be used as a quality, exterior glass cleaner

Directions for use:

  • Spray RUPES Reveal Lite onto the surface generously onto the surface to be cleaned (When using on a freshly painted surface, do not spray directly onto the panel - apply onto a cloth first, then wipe over the surface)
  • Wipe the surface immediately with a clean, soft microfiber polishing cloth until the surface is completely dry
  • Inspect the surface closely to ensure it is now free from contamination. Repeat the above process again if necessary

Size: 750ml

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