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Rupes Reveal Strong (750ml)

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Rupes Reveal Strong (750ml)
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Powerful residue remover for car paintwork preparation

RUPES Reveal Strong is a strong residue removal product that has been formulated to remove even the most stubborn of residues left on paintwork. Reveal Strong will eradicate fillers, adhesives and surface oils, preparing paintwork for a quality sealant or wax application. Following the application of Reveal Strong, you will be able to view the true nature of the vehicle's surface as anything that was masking a defect will be removed. This powerful formula should only be used on fully cured paint, hard or chemical resistant surfaces.

Features & Benefits:

  • Strong paintwork preparation product
  • Will remove stubborn contaminants that couldn't be removed in earlier cleaning phases
  • Removes fillers, adhesives, surface oils etc
  • Removes all types of masking agents from surfaces to provide the 'true' paintwork finish
  • Suitable for use on fully cured paintwork, hard or chemical resistant finish
  • Easy spray to towel application

Directions for use:

  • RUPES Reveal Strong should not be sprayed directly onto paintwork. Spray Reveal Strong onto a microfibre towel and wipe over the panel
  • Following this wipe immediately with a clean, soft and dry microfiber polishing cloth until completely dry
  • Make an inspection of the surface to ensure all contaminants are removed
  • Repeat the process again if required

Size: 750ml

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