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SANSOM Hydra Spray On Rinse Off Protection (1L & 5L)

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HYDRA - Spray on-rinse off protection

HYDRA is the quick and simple way to add a long-lasting protective coating to all exterior hard surfaces including paintwork, glass, trim and wheels.

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Features & Benefits:

  • To use, simply spray HYDRA onto a clean and wet surface, then rinse off.
  • HYDRA immediately bonds to the surface and makes it hydrophobic - water instantly beads up and rolls off.
  • Any water droplets left behind are easily captured with a microfibre towel making drying your car a breeze.
  • The hydrophobic coating will last for many months and is rejuvenated after every wash if you are using a pH neutral shampoo.
  • HYDRA is suitable for use on all non-porous exterior hard surfaces on your vehicle including paintwork, glass, wheels and plastic trims.

Directions for use:

  • HYDRA should only be applied to a wet vehicle after washing. The surface should be cool to the touch.
  • Wash your vehicle as normal, ensuring all traces of shampoo have been thoroughly rinsed.
  • Spray a light mist of HYDRA onto the surface.
  • Immediately rinse with plenty of clean water using a pressure washer or garden hose.
  • We recommend applying to one side of the car and rinsing as you go.
  • Dry the vehicle with a microfibre towel.

Sizes: 1 Litre & 5 Litres (Select from drop down menu above)

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Customer Reviews

darren wallace
five stars 15 Jun 2023


OMG this is a fantastic product, like most of these new car detailing products by so many brands popping up everywhere i do get a little sceptical BUT this product is just brilliant does more than it says on the tin, brilliant is all i can say, so easy to use and works fantastic 👍

David N
five stars 12 Dec 2022

product was easy

Using the product was easy and the water disperses better than just polish on the car. I use a blower to remove excess water and that was an improvement on before. Haven't got the car dirty yet so unable to comment on its dirt resistance. Not sure if I oversprayed it but used 750ml bottle worth on an UP. Maybe I went overboard.

Leigh French
four stars 07 Mar 2021

All hail Hydra

This is my first time using the product, goes on great, exactly as shown in the video, you instantly see the difference between treated and un-treated panels, quick and simple for when you don't have the time for polishing and waxing. All hail Hydra.

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