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Nanolex WashCoat Sealant (200ml & 750ml)

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Protect & Maintain Car Sealant Layers

Nanolex WashCoat is sealant booster designed to be used once the vehicle has been washed to prolong the life of existing sealant layers. WashCoat forms a chemical bond with existing sealant layers to rejuvenate and refresh, increasing gloss levels and enhancing water beading. Treated surfaces are easier to maintain and stay cleaner for longer. WashCoat can be used as a stand-alone product, providing a hydrophobic protective layer even if no separate sealant has already been applied. For best results apply using a foam lance. Alternatively, a hand pump sprayer can be used.

Features & Benefits

  • Dedicated WashCoat Sealant booster For Cars
  • Can be used as a stand-alone product or as a sealant enhancing product to boost existing coatings
  • Provides a hydrophobic coating to all exterior surfaces
  • Increases gloss levels
  • Helps make the ongoing maintenance of a car easier, keeping surfaces cleaner, for longer

Directions for use

  • Nanolex WashCoat can be applied to all exterior surfaces. All intended surfaces must be wet and free of contamination prior to using
  • Apply WashCoat using a foam lance or a pump sprayer
  • Only dilute Nanolex Washcoat immediately before using it, using 50-100ml for an initial application and 20-50ml for maintenance solved
  • Apply the solution evenly on the surface and let it sit until the foam has formed droplets and settled on the surface
  • Allow WashCoat to dwell on the surface for a maximum of 3 minutes before thoroughly washing away using a pressure washer
  • Make sure all residue is removed properly before drying the car carefully, using a soft, plush towel or electric drying device
  • Nanolex WashCoat is fully cured by the time you finish rinsing
  • This product can be stored for up to 24 months (in a dry, temperature stable environment) Processing temperature: 3-30°C - Avoid direct sunlight

Sizes: 200ml & 750ml (Select from drop down menu above)

Download: How To Use Nanolex WashCoat Guide

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Customer Reviews

Jonathan Harman
two stars 18 Dec 2018

Not what I as expecting

Usually use Fireball Hydrophobic snowfoam as my contactless lsp after my final wash & rinse. Unable to replenish my stock of said product, so having read the reviews on here with regard to Washcoat - bought some. Have used it twice now. On both occasions came out as a foam, but upon contact with paint work, large holes appeared and the Washcoat evaporated before my eyes. After the recommended 3 minutes it looked as though someone had poured pint of milk over roof of my car. I followed recommendations 50-100ml initial application. Temp was about 9 degrees and in the shade. Same thing happened when washed car again yesterday. I use Bathe+ shampoo which was throughly rinsed off - so maybe Washcoat not suitable with the SI02? Have bottles of Cure & C2 - so after next week's wash will wipe one of these over my coatings. As title says not what I was expecting as Washcoat seems to have glowing reviews, but can only tell you what happened.

five stars 29 Oct 2015

Quick and Easy to use

Such a quick and easy way to keep that protection topped up on your car, especially now the weather is turning and daylight hours reducing. This allows a more frequent / quicker wash routine whilst not compromising on ensuring the paintwork gets that required level of extra protection. I'm always looking to find ways of streamlining my wash routine and this product is a great time saver! More products like this please!

Paul Basham
five stars 09 Oct 2013

Absolutely Awesome

Absolutely awesome product. Used for first time this Sunday on my black Audi which has had 22PLE applied to the paintwork previously by Ultimate Finish, this product restores and enhances the already stunning finish after the build up of day to day grime.

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