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Stjarnagloss Först X Citrus Pre-Cleaner Concentrate (1 Litre)

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Stjarnagloss Först X Citrus Pre-Cleaner Concentrate
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Powerful Car Pre Cleaner Concentrate

Nothing is better than a prewash on your car knowing you have shifted most of the dirt before making any contact with the paintwork. The only downside to car pre wash cleaners is the amount you have to use, especially as cars are becoming larger and larger. Normally you need to purchase a larger 5 litre container that takes up room in the shed or garage for months to come; well that time has come to an end.

Stjarnagloss Först X Concentrate is a super strength TFR (Traffic Film Remover), designed to be diluted at home for maximum economy.

The ready to use Stjarnagloss Först gained a reputation of being one of the best pre cleaners on the market, nothing else cleans heavier contamination quite like it. This is thanks to its blend of strong surfactants, solvent additives and pure citrus cleaners. Add together this powerful cleaner with a natural orange oil and the smell is pleasant too.

You now can get all the love for Först in a concentrated Först X. This does two things for both professionals and home users:

1 - Easy of use - less storage space, less chance of spillage and less on the wallet.
2 - Variable dilutions - you can now choose the dilution you required depending on seasons and contamination of the car.

Först X concentrate is Double Strength. We would recommend diluting it 1:1 with water to make regular Först, even 1:5 for lighter car cleaning.

How to use:

  • Dilute Först X 1:1 with water before regular cleaning. (1 litre of Först X = 2 litres regular Först)
  • Dilute Först X 1:5 with water before light cleaning.

Size: 1 Litre

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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