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Stjarangloss high quality car care products

As they say it themselves, 'Scandi-inspired' Stjärnagloss were 'Björn Again' in November 2019 having previously been in operation in 2010 as a little-known brand in the UK, sold exclusively by Shinearama. When that shop closed, the fear was that we had seen the last of this distinctive brand, which had made a name for itself offering quality performance at an honest price. Thankfully, those fears were allayed. Nearly a decade later Stjärnagloss has had a re-birth, including an entirely reformulated, repackaged and rebranded range. Stjärnagloss is a genuine detailing brand, rather than a new wave pretender or generic scene re-labeller. Comprehensively detail your car to a high-quality finish using this quality range of products, including several dedicate products specially designed to treat matte or frosted finished vehicles.