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Stjarnagloss Grävling Wheel Brush

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Stjarnagloss Grävling Wheel Brush
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High-quality microfibre wheel brush

Are you looking for a wheel cleaning brush which is abrasive enough to clean but gentle enough to be used on the delicate surfaces found on car wheels?

The Grävling Wheel Brush from Stjärnagloss is ideal for cleaning right in between car wheel spokes and will clean deep into the wheel cavity thanks to the 5cm diameter microfibre head and 46cm length. The handle is specially made from a pliable plastic which means it won't scratch your alloys during the cleaning process, plus the Grävling Wheel Brush features a comfortable, Stjärnagloss branded soft-feel grip.

Features & Benefits:

  • High-performance wheel brush
  • Microfibre bristles (5cm head)
  • 46cm in length
  • Good for cleaning in between spokes, crevices & cavities
  • Non-scratch, pliable plastic handle
  • Soft-feel grip

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