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Original Wheel Woolies Vent Brush (24")

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Wheel Woolies Original Wheel Woolie Vent Brush
Original Wheel Woolies Vent Brush
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Handy Slim-Fit Vent Brush To Complement Your Detailing Tool Collection

100% non-scratch synthetic wool material and super strong polypropylene slim handle make this handy accessory perfect for cleaning for all car vents.

Thanks to the ultra-thin handle the Original Wheel Woolie Vent Brush is slim enough to fit into most car air vents and the 24 inch overall length can reach deep inside the pipework to remove that stubborn dust that blows out during each use.

The vent brush can also be used on other areas such as exhaust pipes or hard to reach engine compartments. Unlike a traditional brush that has a ridged handle the Wheel Woolies Vent Brush has a flexible sharft to get into those hard to reach areas. Always wash your Original Wheel Woolies after use to avoid cross contamination from wash to wash and also to prolong the life.


  • Soft brush pile for easy cleaning of all automotive vents
  • Slim handle to get into the smallest of vents
  • Non-Scratch brush head


  • Overall length: 24 Inches
  • Handle length: 18 Inches
  • Brush Head length: 6 Inches
  • Brush Head diameter: 3/4 Inch


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