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Original Woolies

Original Wheel Woolies take wheel brush design to a whole new level and are the safest and most effective way to clean your vehicle's wheels.

Their 100 % metal-free design combined with ultra-soft polypropylene fibre heads and non-scratch polypropylene handles makes them ideal for use on all wheels including even the most sensitive of finishes. Having perfected the wheel brush design, Wheel Woolies applied their know-how and expanded their range to include Vent brushes for interior cleaning. For the ultimate in safe and effective cleaning of even the most complex designed wheels, Wheel Woolies Brush Set contains three different sized brushes suitable for all-wheel types and finishes.

Beware of imitations - Original Woolies are protected by two US patents. The first patent covers the technology to make a soft dense ultrafine micropile fibre. The second covers the technology to make Wheel Woolies brushes with a fused micropile fibre.