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Tyre Dressing Applicator Sponge (Single or 2 Pack)

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Sansom Tyre Dressing Applicator Sponge
SANSOM Tyre Dressing Applicator Sponge
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High-quality, car tyre dressing applicator sponge

Finding a quality applicator for dressing your tyres can often be tricky as they often degrade after a couple of uses or spread product unevenly. Thankfully the Tyre Dressing Applicator Sponge from SANSOM is here to help you out, specially designed to sit comfortably in your hand and then deliver a fantastically even layer of product onto the tyre wall using its firm foam.

Big enough to coat a standard sized tyre wall, yet compact enough to work well on a low-profile wheel, the SANSOM Tyre Dressing Applicator Sponge puts enough space between you and the product, ensuring no splatter comes into contact with your skin.

Features & Benefits:

  • Dedicated tyre dressing applicator sponge
  • Durable, stiff sponge
  • Works on all types of tyres including low-profile
  • Delivers an even spread of tyre dressing to wheels
  • Comfortable puck style handle
  • Designed to be used with SANSOM Voodoo Black Gloss Tyre & Trim Gel or similar

Sizes: Single & 2 Pack (Select from drop down menu above)

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