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Mercedes E Class - John Sewell

Entered for the February 2011 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: John Sewell

Make: Mercedes

Model: E Class

Year: 2008

Viewed: 4239 times.

Votes/Comments: 29

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Mercedes E Class
Mercedes E Class
Mercedes E Class
Mercedes E Class

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How John Used Our Products

The car belongs to my father. It is a 2008 Mercedes E280 Sport. I give it an annual detail. This particular detail took around 20 hours over 2 days. Please, let me know what you think.

I began by snow foaming the car twice. Then, using 2 buckets I gave the car an initial wash using a couple of lambswool mitts and Autoglym shampoo. After a rinse, I washed the car again this time cleaning the door shuts, the boot surround and under the bonnet. I rinsed the car and toweled it dry with the Dodo Juice Supernatural towel.

Next the wheels. These were pretty pitted so I began with a soaking of diluted Bilberry Safe wheel cleaner using the Meguiar’s wheel brush to really work it in behind the spokes, all the way to the back of the wheel. I then rinsed and gave them a second scrub with a microfibre cloth. After a rinse and dry I moved the car into the garage, took the mats out, sprayed them with Meguiar’s Carpet cleaner, let them sit for a while then scrubbed them with the Mothers Carpet brush (superb product) followed by a pressure wash, a wet/dry vac and then left them to dry in the airing cupboard overnight.

I worked over the whole car with the Bilt-Hammer Auto clay using Meguiar’s Ultimate Detailer as lubrication. This got rid of most of the pitting and spots. I just had to use Autoglym Tar remover on some parts of the lower sills to get the stubborn tar spots off. Next came the Dodo Juice Lime Prime (love the smell of this stuff). Two coats of this (including removing all of the excess grease from the door, boot and bonnet shuts - courtesy of Mercedes at the last service!). I cleaned the engine bay with Meguiar’s Engine Cleaner and Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover.

The paint was now smooth as glass but there were a few minor swirl marks on the paint so I decided to use Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound which worked a treat. Next I gave the car 2 coats of Poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze. I left it on for a couple of hours to cure - it's a bit of a faff to remove but sets harder. Whilst each coat was curing I clayed the wheels and then used 3 coats of wheel wax on each followed by a couple of coats of Meguiar’s Tyre gel.

Once 2 hours had passed after the Show Glaze, I gave the car 2 coats of Turtle Wax Platinum Series Car Wax. After this had cured for a couple of hours, I put on 2 coats of Poorboys EX-P Sealant to really give it a shine. I spent a couple of hours polishing the exhaust pipes, badges, and chrome trims with Meguiar’s NXT Metal polish - I love the reflection of them from the floor (the photos don't really show this unfortunately).

Next came the interior which had a good wet vac, the leather was cleaned and conditioned with Meguiar’s Leather Cleaner and the dashboard and other interior surfaces were cleaned with Meguiar’s Quick Interior Detailer. Glass was polished inside with Autoglym Fast Glass Polish and the door shuts were waxed and sealed.

Final touches now...just had to clean the outside glass with Rain X Glass Cleaner followed by 2 coats of Rain X Rain repellent on all glass including the sunroof.

I am really pleased with the results but I’d really love to hear what people think. My father was pleased but I think he thinks I’m a bit crazy, especially when I produced my 6 large boxes of microfiber cloths, towels and applicators and filled his garage worktop with my product selection. Incidentally, my wife thinks I’m nuts too! :-)

Hope you enjoy. Thanks, John.

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  • Nice job - looking forward to Jeff's new look!

  • Great results John could even take this car onto top gear it looks that good ..

  • Nice work John.

  • Very impressive.

  • Perfect

  • Nice job

  • Nice work

  • Excellent work

  • Well done

  • Great job

  • Great finish, that's dedication for you :-)

  • Really fantastic job - what dedication!

  • Looks like a new car! well done

  • Looks amazing well done

  • I think it looks fab, hope you are taking your wife out this weekend for being so understanding!

  • A great fathers day present. Johnpaul has done a fantastic job and it looks like new

  • Dude, you are pure gold :)

  • Could actually see my face in that! Looks fab :-)

  • Well Done, looks fab!!

  • Lovely job!

  • Excellent job!

  • Fabulous Johnny Boy

  • Well done you....looks fab! Mine next please, he,he!

  • Nice one

  • Please come and clean my Merc.

  • Amazing

  • The car looks like it has come straight out of a showroom

  • Wow, that's a showroom shine, and the wheels look like new - spectacular.

  • Beautiful, I bet your dad is chuffed with the finish

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