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Vauxhall Vectra-C - Khalid Sabir

Entered for the February 2011 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Khalid Sabir

Make: Vauxhall

Model: Vectra-C

Year: 2005

Viewed: 6268 times.

Votes/Comments: 83

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Vauxhall Vectra-C
Vauxhall Vectra-C
Vauxhall Vectra-C
Vauxhall Vectra-C

Products Used

How Khalid Used Our Products

My car is a Vectra and the colour is misty morning grey/blue. First I washed her with the Autoglym shampoo then I gave a good claying with the bilt-hamber clay this is good as you only need water as a lube. Then I washed it down again, dried. Next up was a coat off white diamond with the pad and the da6; this made the paint work so silky /smooth. I then topped it with a coat off the 915; I also did the wheels with this and then some high gloss tyre gel. If I want a little extra bling /sparkle I give it a light mist coat off the Zainos Z8.

Comments from Voters

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  • Nice Car

  • Fancy doing mine? :-)

  • Nice Car mate i could only imagine what you could do to a brand new car!!!

  • excellent car !looking nice you deserve to win m8 :D

  • cracking motor!

  • looking good

  • cars looking really good mate

  • Fab looking car. It sparkles like new. Might try a few thing you used on my car :-)

  • saw this at last meet AMAZING SHINE !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Simply stunning - a credit to the owner

  • Good luck, deserve the win!

  • wow great looking car many hours spent on cleaning that..

  • Nice car, lot of hard work there!

  • Top job from a top bloke HP .........

  • Cool looking finish

  • Very tidy mate. Some work gone in to that

  • Stunning - reflection like glass! Nice one

  • with a car that nice looking is should be on a show stand top marks mate

  • Stunning Car!!!!!!

  • Great work... Well done

  • always a good job

  • WoW .........Stunning looking motor mate

  • Nice car , very clean , well looked after

  • wish i could can mine as clean

  • very nice car mate

  • Look really good

  • Good looking and hot baby :)

  • Good luck mate

  • Nice Car

  • Must of took a long time, nice job

  • good looking car saw it at Nuffield Health

  • wow

  • love vectras

  • I wish I could get my car to shine like this.

  • Seen this car around, very nice.

  • Immaculate!!! good stuff

  • Extremley Shiny!!! :D well done! - you gotta win!! :D

  • WOW!! this car definatley gets a lot of TLC which deserves to win :)

  • very nice, very very nice

  • good stuff..guessing there's no pigeons around then.

  • very nice...shinier than my head.

  • Outstanding, when can you do mine?

  • Nice looking car

  • excellent job, beautiful finish gets my vote

  • good looking car, great shine

  • Thats what I call gleaming , very well done.

  • better than the QQ

  • nice car

  • Very nice

  • Excellent shine i could shave in that paintwork amazing

  • fantastic lookin vec, excellent job

  • Top Job.

  • Superb Job!

  • lovely great example of clean!!

  • very nice, very very nice

  • very nice khalid cars looking immaculate

  • very shiney looks great

  • Very nice job

  • great looking car you have mate

  • wow thats a superb looking finish and an unusual colour for a Vectra job well done !!

  • Nice and shiny a top job there mate

  • Top job

  • flawless vec-c well looked after and does deserve to win

  • nice looking car!! great finish!!

  • Great looking car, top marks

  • nice looking car mate got to win daddyjay

  • Par exellence

  • beautifuul car

  • Best Lookin Vec-C I Ever Seen !!!!!!!!

  • Lovely looking motor

  • brilliant looking vectra you have there

  • Nice Looking Vec-C Mate

  • Great Loooking Vec-C ;-)

  • great looking motor

  • Great looking motor, fantastic job. Well worth my vote :o)

  • One of the shiniest Vectras I've ever seen .. PURE CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aturely magnificent car. Well one of the best Vectras you will find. Very well detailed, with care.

  • Is really nice looking example, always kept to a high standard

  • Nice work

  • Nice Looking Motor

  • Looking Good There

  • Stunning Car !!

  • Very Nice ;-)

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