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Mercedes C180K Sportscoupe - Stuart Higgins

Entered for the April 2011 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Stuart Higgins

Make: Mercedes

Model: C180K Sportscoupe

Year: 2004

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Mercedes C180K Sportscoupe
Mercedes C180K Sportscoupe
Mercedes C180K Sportscoupe

Products Used

How Stuart Used Our Products

Covered with snow foam and left for 10 minutes. Rinsed off and washed with Gold Class shampoo using 2 bucket method. Rinsed this off and then clayed entire car with Pro detailing mild clay lubing up with Dodo Juice Born Slippy. I then sprayed the wheels with Hot Rims and washed, claying the wheels after i had finished. Once this was completed the car was then washed once again with the Gold Class shampoo and dried using the Water Magnet. The paint was heavily covered with swirl marks so after i masked up any exposed black plastic and any gaps, I started straight away with #83 polish on a 3M green pad. I did the whole car with this and then refined with #80 on a Megs soft buff polishing pad. After I had completed the entire car with these, I applied 2 coats of AG SRP using a Megs soft buff finishing pad, buffing off the excess residue in between coats. I then applied a coat of Collinite 476 using the high tech foam pads and buffed off with a Sonus microfibre towel. After the entire car had been waxed and buffed off I finished off the paintwork with a once over wipe with detailing spray. I then concetrated on the wheels applying a coat of SRP, buffing off then applying 2 coats of Chemical Guys Wheel Guard to each wheel. I left this on for about 15 minutes then buffed off. To finish off the wheels I applied a coat of Megs High endurance tyre gel and wiped off any excess. To finish off the car i cleaned the windows and applied a coat of G-Techniq G3 glass polish for aiding in repelling rain.

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  • Nice looking car

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