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Mercedes C220 CDi Avantgarde - Richard Allen

Entered for the April 2011 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Richard Allen

Make: Mercedes

Model: C220 CDi Avantgarde

Year: 2003

Viewed: 4426 times.

Votes/Comments: 11

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Mercedes C220 CDi Avantgarde
Mercedes C220 CDi Avantgarde
Mercedes C220 CDi Avantgarde
Mercedes C220 CDi Avantgarde

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Car belongs to my Dad and is a 2003 Mercedes C220 CDi. It is a clean car but suffering from swirling and RDS due to my Dad sweeping snow off of the car and getting a bit too familiar with hedgerow on the local country roads.....Car required a very thorough clean inside and out and full paint correction.

Started with usual rinse/wash routine including doing panel/door shuts, grills, badges etc with a mild APC. Wheels cleaned with a stringer mix of APC and agitated with the EZ Detail brushes and the Autoglym Hi-Tech brush. Body washed with the Meguiar’s Ultimate wash and wool mitt. The car was dried with a Meguiar’s water magnet towel.

Engine was sprayed with Meguiars Degreaser, left for a while and agitated where needed before being rinsed with an open hose - very pleased with the results, great product. Bodywork fully clayed using Last Touch and Meguiar’s clay.

Used Kestrel DAS6 Pro with Lake Country Hydro Tech pads - heavy cut with Sonus SFX1 to remove swirls and RDS from the very hard paint....this was hard going!

Refined the finish with the HT light cut pad and Sonus SFX2 pad before finishing with a HT soft finish pad and SFX3.

Car was then sealed with Sonus SFX4 and a Meguiar’s applicator pad.

All glass surfaces cleaned with Autoglym fast glass.

Interior cleaned with Autoglym vinyl and rubber care applied to a microfibre and buffed so it was a neutral finish. Leather seats cleaned and treated with Meguiar’s leather cleaner and conditioner.

Finally the tyres were sealed with Autoglym Instant Tyre dressing which I apply with a washing up sponge rather than spraying on. Finish is nicer and lasts longer.

The end result looks stunning in the flesh and transformed an average 8 year old car to look better than new.

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  • Lovely car nice finsh for that colour

  • Looks good!

  • Looks great!

  • Looking good!

  • nice finish

  • Good job - better than any kev'd-up Vectra ever made, that's for sure!

  • "Nice Finish!!"

  • good depth for a beige car

  • Nice job

  • great shine on an eight year old car.

  • 8 years old and looks better than new

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