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Ford Focus ST-3 - Ben Norman

Entered for the June 2011 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Ben Norman

Make: Ford

Model: Focus ST-3

Year: 2009

Viewed: 4795 times.

Votes/Comments: 30

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Ford Focus ST-3
Ford Focus ST-3
Ford Focus ST-3
Ford Focus ST-3

Products Used

How Ben Used Our Products

First step in the cleaning is a good rinse with the jet wash. Then using the wheel cleaner give the wheels their first going over.

The car then gets an all over shampoo, using the 2 bucket method, before another rinse. The wheels have their own wash mitt which is used to give them a good scrub inside and out. Every 3-6 months at this stage the car gets a going over with the clay kit while its still wet, no point in drying. Then another shampoo and rinse.

Dry using a micro fibre towel and once dry a going over with the quick detailer, using the swabs to get into the hard to reach places.

After this ensuring its in the shade it gets 2 coats of the Jet-Seal. once the second coat is buffed off it gets 2 coats of the black hole then 2 coats of the DoDo juice, all applied and buffed by hand. Then the tail pies and back box get a going over with AutoSol.

The interiour then gets a hoover and clean with the leather seats getting treated again every 3-6 months.

Comments from Voters

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  • Beautiful example of an ST!!

  • very nice cleaned tooter!

  • great looking ST

  • awesome

  • Best of luck

  • nice car

  • WOW! great job, well done

  • Looks Mega, Keep up the good work

  • Looks brilliant, when you free lol. :)

  • Looking great, top job

  • awesome looking clean car

  • mint,must of took time and effort,well done

  • great looking focus st ( TIGER ST )

  • Black is fantastic clean & Shiny

  • Great shine mate. RST.

  • looks good mate

  • Top job Ben :)

  • Lush,great job

  • looking good

  • Lovely finish Ben! :o) Mandy

  • Looking shiny!

  • Wowzaz

  • Great look care, top job.

  • Looking fab

  • very clean!!!!! and paint work top grade well done!!!!

  • looking very nice, just as an ST should look

  • Stunning ST,looks great

  • WOW what a fantastic finish.well done now come and do mine please.BRILLIANT JOB MATE

  • Very unique and immaculate ST- great to see one so well looked after :)

  • Gorgeous example!! IBH

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