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Porsche Boxster 'SE' - Glenn Butler

Entered for the April 2013 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Glenn Butler

Make: Porsche

Model: Boxster 'SE'

Year: 2007

Viewed: 4074 times.

Votes/Comments: 64

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Porsche Boxster 'SE'
Porsche Boxster 'SE'
Porsche Boxster 'SE'

Products Used

How Glenn Used Our Products

First, jet-wash, then snow-foam the whole car including the roof, wheel-arches and wheels with Valet-Pro PH Neutral Snow Foam. Then clean the wheel-arch inner edges by hand and hose to remove any mud deposits then wash the wings and wheels down again to remove any loosened grit. Using a two bucket method with grit catchers in each bucket I wash the car from the roof down using Muc-Off Ubershine Luxury Car Shampoo. I use two separate cleaners to do this, a Meguiar’s wash Mitt for all the upper surfaces including the roof, plus a soft sponge for the lower bodywork, the sills and lower parts of the bumpers. This method keeps the wash mitt away from any possible remaining dirt still on the lower sill edges. Then treat the wheels with Auto Glym Alloy Wheel Cleaner, toothbrush and sponge off using a cut down sponge. Then with a basic Turtle Wax shampoo brush wash the tyres. Using an expensive shampoo here is a waste of money as the tyres will be treated later.

I then hose off the whole car again and completely dry with Meguiar’s and Wilko micro fibre towels. The drying also includes the inner doors, sills, under the bonnet, boot lid and wheels. Using paper towels helps to get at the hard to dry parts of the bodywork and wheels, inner edges and by the wheel-nuts etc. Then, if required I use Bird Brand Spirit Cleaner to remove any tar spots, (wipe on and leave for a few moments while it breaks down the tar) and gently wipe off using a clean micro fibre cloth. Also if required I then use a Meguiar’s Smooth Surface Clay Bar with Meguiar’s Quick Detailer as a lubricant. This removes any remaining road deposits.

If the paintwork requires more than just a hand polish, I will use a multi-speed hand polishing/finishing machine as used in professional body shops. As the car is not subject to everyday wear & tear it only requires a light cutting action, for this I use Meguiar’s scratch x2.0 or Meguiar’s Swirl Remover. Then I normally polish with Swissvax. Zuffenhausen Premium Wax. Twice a year, I re-waterproof the fabric roof with Meguiar’s Convertible & Cabriolet Weather-proofer.

If the paintwork is sound, then I will just polish the car. I will use Swissvax bodywork Cleaner Fluid Regular and then the Zuffenhausen Premium Wax which is 40% Brazilian carnauba wax, applied with a Supernatural Finger Mitt. For the glass I use Auto Glym Fast Glass, or Swissvax Crystal Glass Cleaner, both very easy and quick with good results. The wheels are protected with Autobahn Wheel-Wax, it works well helping to repel the brake dust. The tyres I use Swissvax pneu Glossy Tire Shine, using a shoe brush to work into the side-walls. Inside I use Auto Glym Leather Cleaner and their Odour Eliminator to give a fresh smell. The plastic surfaces are just wiped over with a damp micro fibre cloth. I prefer the factory look rather than a high shine.

Comments from Voters

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  • I hope you never have the roof up

  • do you get noticed in this??

  • Now you just need to pick up a bit of fluff to sit beside you in it...

  • Stunning finish

  • Love the snow foam!

  • Awesome shine

  • Excellent finish!

  • Very shiny!

  • You deserve to win

  • Beautiful machine must reflect its owner!


  • Wow Super finish


  • Super!!

  • I vote for this one - brilliant

  • What a fabulous finish Glen. She's raring to go!

  • Love the snow foam!!

  • Cracking job

  • Stunning finish

  • Looks great...

  • Very nice Glen :0)

  • What an example, good for any showroom!

  • Very nice indeed

  • 10/10 Lovely

  • The finish looks fantastic

  • Stunning finish, better than showroom quality

  • Very red

  • Fab

  • Nice looking car

  • a real head turner!!!

  • Oh So Clean!

  • looks like new

  • i want this car

  • nice car

  • really clean car

  • What a lovely glossy red Porsche Boxster "First Class Full Marks".!!!

  • Ace!

  • BOOM

  • This is just stunning, you must be one proud owner.

  • Pretty car!

  • Spotless!

  • Stunning! Red is by far the best colour for a Porsche!

  • Stunning!

  • I wish my car looked as good as this

  • very nice looking, seems well cared for, must live in a garage. wish i had one.

  • That's a beaut!

  • Oh so dinky!

  • Gorgeous

  • looks good!

  • Wax'd to the Max.

  • Shiny

  • Lovely

  • Beautiful

  • Posh Porsche :)

  • B-e-a-uuuuuuutiful car, nicely done Glenn!!

  • I am sure I have seen that old codger driving it around ! I believe his man does a very good job?

  • Ooh shiney motor car Mr B!

  • Ping!!! :)

  • Great shine, love the colour

  • Excellent looking Porsche

  • very nice!

  • Such a shiny pretty little car

  • WOW this is absolutely stunning!

  • Very clean example!

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