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Honda Civic Type R - Ben Parnell

Entered for the April 2013 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Ben Parnell

Make: Honda

Model: Civic Type R

Year: 2005

Viewed: 5819 times.

Votes/Comments: 125

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Honda Civic Type R
Honda Civic Type R
Honda Civic Type R
Honda Civic Type R

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How Ben Used Our Products

My car is a 2005 Honda Civic Type R premier edition! I've had just over 18 months now and I spend a lot of my free time cleaning it so it looks its best as much as possible! I haven’t done many mods to it, but it's the little things that it being super clean!!

Day 1 - bodywork (6hrs)

I started off by covering the whole car with snow foam, while that dwells I go around all the badges, grills, door/boot shuts and panel gaps with a brush and some APC! After about 10 mins I power hose it off and then this is followed by a 2bm hand wash and then another power rinse.

With the car still wet I then clayed the whole car, gave it a quick rinse and applied iron x over the whole car, I left this for 5 mins while I made a cup of tea :D then re-rinsed the car once more, then I applied oblitarate over the whole car, left that for a couple of mins then snow foamed the car again! Then came a final rinse down to get rid of all the soapiness! I then dried it by hand with my mammoth drying towel!

Once dried I commenced hand polishing the whole car panel by panel with SRP, also using Auto Finesse Tripple on the door/boot shuts. After all the polish has been buffed off I gave the whole car a wipe down with eraser to remove all the oils and polish dust, then came waxing the whole car with a test pot of blue velvet I got my hands on a while back! I did the whole car and then buffed it all off! I finished off day 1 by cleaning all the glass inside and out and giving the car a final buff with finale quick detailer!

Day 2 - wheels/tyres, all trim and exhausts and engine bay! (3.5hrs)

Started with the wheels, obviously jet washed 1st of all followed by iron-x and left for 10mins to do its thing, while that was bleeding I went about cleaning the exhausts with some APC and brush, then polished it using AG metal polish and some #00 wire wool. Back to the wheels, rinsed off the iron x and then washed them a wheel brush with bilberry wheel cleaner diluted to 1:10, tires were scrubbed also with a stiff bristled brush and APC. Then I clayed the wheels, and applied oblitarate to get rid of a few spots I could see, while that dwelled for a couple of minutes I tidied some of the stuff away id finished with. Then I gave the wheels a final rinse and dried them with a different towel. Next I started on the trim to give my knees a rest, dressing the plastics with Auto Finesse Revive, and also re cleaning the glass to rid some smears that had appeared?! Next up I polished the wheels with Auto Finesse Tripple and then wiped them down with eraser, before sealing them with Auto Finesse mint rims that smells amazing. Last job was the engine bay, firstly I wrapped all the major plugs and electrical components like my hid kit wires with cling film to hopefully stop me breaking anything, next up I covered all the dirty parts with gunk foaming degreaser and then stood back and admired it fizzling away, I left this doing its magic for around 10 mins while I went inside to regain feeling in my fingertips!! After I had warmed up I gently rinsed it off at low pressure to see what needed re doing, only a few small bits were still grimy so I reapplied some gunk and used an old toothbrush to get it clean :) one final rinse off and then came the moment of truth.....yay it still starts :) left the engine running for a bit to aid drying, I used kitchen roll and old Microfibre towels to soak up the left over puddles of water mainly on the intake manifold! Last but not least I dressed the plastics with revive, polished the carbon bits and sealed the rocker cover with wax :)

Comments from Voters

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  • You deserve this

  • .

  • Cosmic grey hehe

  • sick!

  • Really nice finish!

  • Omg awesome SO SO SHINY you are the best BEN!!

  • I liked the bit where you had a cup of tea... great shine!

  • Great shine on that car!

  • looks fantastic!!

  • Not bad for a jap paha! Sherbs.

  • Spotless. Please do mine

  • So so shiney

  • Amazing.

  • Lovely motor

  • stunning

  • Super bad!

  • Neoooooooooooown!

  • .

  • sweet

  • sweet ride

  • Shiny, nice one!

  • The best civic I've ever seen!

  • Type r all the way

  • vote

  • .

  • tidy!

  • Go Ben ;)

  • I like the Honda Civic

  • shiny!

  • Vote

  • Nice

  • Awesome good luck ;)

  • Lovely car

  • go ben!

  • Immaculate

  • clean

  • yum

  • Spotless!!!

  • I want one!

  • Nice one, love cosmic EP3's!!

  • Nice!

  • Niiiiceee

  • nice

  • lovely work on the car....looks fantastic !!! clearly i can see the winner ;)

  • voting

  • Beautiful car, wanna work on mine?? :-)

  • Very sporty car! Love!

  • Any man who spends this much time anally cleaning his car (I know, I'm one of them), deserves to win

  • Awesome Type R, spotless and well looked after

  • Spotless. Wow.

  • nice work

  • hot looking car

  • looks stunning !!

  • Impressive!

  • very nice EP :)

  • Wow! What a fantastic car... clear winner!

  • Sweet :)

  • sick

  • sick

  • unreal!!

  • Looks amazing, done up well and not tacky

  • Epic EP3

  • Gleaming!!

  • Unbelievable wheels!

  • Nice ep tidy.

  • Fantastic car

  • Sexy car needs to be the winner!!!

  • Brilliant car

  • Nice job.

  • Looks really good!!

  • Tidy machine

  • Spotless!!

  • nicest car ive seen in a while good job!

  • fit is all i can say, deserves to win!!


  • Beaut

  • Look like it just come out show room !!

  • Hold my weave

  • So much time taken to get to this standard! Keep it up! :)

  • Has to be the winning car! Pure excellence!

  • Pampered car... Diva!

  • Lovely looking car

  • Mint condition! miles above the rest!

  • Lovely, had a lot of work put in.

  • Nice!!!!

  • come on sexy :) from lewis

  • one of, no infact, THE best type R around! looks, sounds and rides great, trust me I know ;)

  • sexy wheels!!

  • Classy motor

  • Beautiful !!

  • Nice motor

  • Nice lump if metal!

  • One of the best out there!

  • Niceee



  • Quality car

  • Treated with love!

  • Looking good benny

  • -

  • beaut!

  • Great buffing Ben

  • Nice and shiny, well done cuz!

  • very nice and clean :)

  • that is one clean car! best one here

  • Love a clean EP3 Type R, and this is one of the cleanest!

  • If the weather is fine and u have a day off, guaranteed ur outside with ur cleaning cloth.

  • Amazing car :)

  • Awesome ! Fantastic type R best I've seen in a while , great job ....!

  • Looking good fella!

  • I could do my hair in that!! What a great finish!

  • Good Luck Benny!

  • Great work!

  • Amazing work!

  • One shiny badd ass motor very sleek

  • Sweet ride bro!!

  • My favourite :)

  • Amazing shine especially on and older car like this, very impressive!

  • Nice

  • Looks amazing :)

  • Fantastic!

  • Lots of time and effort been put into this car and it shows!

  • wow what a phenominal explanation and detail of the how the job is done and a superb finish/look!

  • Stunning example!

  • very nice

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