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Volkswagen Golf - Craig Hyland

Entered for the May 2013 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Craig Hyland

Make: Volkswagen

Model: Golf

Year: 2007

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Volkswagen Golf
Volkswagen Golf
Volkswagen Golf
Volkswagen Golf

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I had just purchased the car a few days prior to my epic cleaning spree, it was badly soiled and in need of some major TLC.

First step was the wheels. The wheels were washed the usual way, two bucket method and with various specific sponges and brushes. I use the wookies fist for the wheels only. Doused the wheels with the cleaner, allowed dwell time and washed the brake dust/tar off etc. Any stubborn tar spots were taken off with a microfibre and some body solvent. The wheels were then rinsed any dried again then clayed, polished and sealed, after the whole car was done I applied the tyre sealant and wiped the excess off for a matte finish. Not too keen on the gloss effect, like it matte.

After the wheels I then attacked the bodywork, the usual washing method applied, first I rinsed the car with a pressure washer, I then applied snow foam and rinsed. Next step was to wash the car with the two bucket method making sure to douse the sponge regularly. Car was then dried off patting the paintwork with the microfibre towel. The entire was then clayed from top to bottom including the glass. Car was washed again, same method applied. Onto the polishing...

First step was to get rid of the major scratching with scratch x, I then taped off vulnerable black trim areas with tape and processed the whole car with various compounds until I had gone over the car 4 times to eliminate all the scratching. The entire car was then cleansed with HD cleanser then polished using Autogylm polish, this was followed with two coats of HD wax. The windows were cleaned and sealed with Gtechniq's glass kit. All rubber seals etc. treated with silicone to maintain their flexibility and water repellency. Exterior trim treated with dodo juice trim sealant.

Think that about covers to drive it.

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