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Microfiber Madness Incredimitt Wash Mitt (Blue or Grey)

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The Most Incredible Wash Mitt!

Microfiber Madness has, after a year of exhaustive trial and testing released a white and blue wash mitt with fluffy, dense fibres designed to care for the paintwork of even the most conscientious detailing enthusiast. Their true Made in Germany was first introduced in 2013 with a special gliding fibre to beat all those around with its superior cleaning power and soft touch.

Designed and manufactured in Germany, the special built-in sponge absorbs a huge amount of water to give you longer working time. The fluffy and dense pile means dirt particles are removed from your paintwork and trapped in the mitt, minimising the chances of scratching paintwork. The premium quality inner lining makes the mitt comfortable to wear, whilst the special fabrics allow the wash mitt to glide over the paint surface smoothly. The wrist cuff features a quality embroidered Microfibre Madness logo and reducing the risk of dropping the mitt mid-wash.


  • Size: 25x20cm
  • Material: 92% Polyester & 8% Viscose
  • Machine Washable
  • Dryer Safe on low heat
  • Resealable zipper bag for dust free storage
  • Built in sponge for more water absorbance
  • Wrist cuff for security

Colours: Blue or Grey (Select from drop down menu above)

Customer Reviews

Chris W
five stars 01 Feb 2023

Very nice Mitt

Very nice Mitt and of a higher quality. Holds a lot of water

five stars 24 Nov 2016

Perfect Mitt

I like this mitt - nice soft, long fibres and a loop inside which helps you wring it out effectively when you rinse in your second bucket ;) after prolonged use the pile still looks like new and the cuff has kept its elasticity. I'm considering buying another so I can use one on each hand to increase my wash speed!

five stars 24 Nov 2015

Outstanding quality

First wash mitt I am completely happy with. It cleans good and is soft enough to keep paintwork safe. Holds a lot of water and has handy internal loop. No loose fibers, not even a single one.

five stars 28 Apr 2015

mum's misunderstanding

What's on? The baby needs to be washed again? Don't worry darling, It's my car's turn.

Nick S
five stars 01 Dec 2014

Durable but soft and safe

I was hesitant about using the IncrediMitt but in use found it to be gentle and effective. I typically use it for lower panel areas where grime is worst, and continue with a wool mitt for the rest of the car.

four stars 06 Jan 2014


The thick pile is fairly soft, not quite lambs wool. It holds a massive amount of water, and glides easily. Although the blue fibres make it difficult to see the amount of dirt picked up (personal preference), releases dirt easily when rinsed thoroughly. It’s stood up to a dozen washes at present and hasn't lost any of its fibres. Gets softer with use. A good buy.

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