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MINI John Cooper Works - Philip Keys

Entered for the June 2013 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Philip Keys

Make: MINI

Model: John Cooper Works

Year: 2011

Viewed: 3888 times.

Votes/Comments: 7

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MINI John Cooper Works
MINI John Cooper Works
MINI John Cooper Works
MINI John Cooper Works

Products Used

How Philip Used Our Products

I normally start by rinsing the wheels with the jet wash and then apply a small amount of Meguiar's Hot Rims All Wheel Cleaner to remove the brake dust from the wheels. I then agitate the wheel cleaner with my Swissvax wheel brush and use my Wheel Woolies to get inside the wheel well and brake callipers.

Once all the brake dust is removed I then wash the wheels with some Dodo Juice Born to be Mild Shampoo and then rinse off the wheels. I always wash the wheels first with a separate bucket to prevent any contamination onto the vehicle bodywork. I then rinse off the car bodywork with the jet wash to remove loose dust from the vehicle once complete. I then use a snow foam lance with Meguiar's Hyper Wash and snow foam the whole of the vehicle and allow to stand for about five minutes, removing most of the loose contamination from the vehicle bodywork.

Once the snow foam is rinsed from the vehicle I then wash the vehicle using the two bucket method with the Meguiar's 2 Bucket Set with Grit Guards. I use a Swissvax Waschpudel as I find this the best out of a few wash products I have used. Once the vehicle is washed and rinsed off with the jet wash I then use an Aqua Gleam water filter the make the final rinse with an open ended hose pipe to prevent water spots (as my vehicle is black, this is a great piece of kit).

I then finally dry off the whole vehicle with my Air Force Blaster to avoid any towel marks. If I polish the car I normally use various products as you can see from my list but I do think SCHOLL Concepts S30+ and S40 Anti-swirl Compound are very good used by hand or with a dual action machine (I use the Meguiars G220 v2 as its very easy to use and you get great results). I would then clean the paint work with a paint cleaner. I have also tried many different products (Dodo Juice Lime Prime is good or I sometimes use Car Pro Eraser to clean off any polish residue ready for the top coat of wax or sealer).

I use Auto Finesse Desire as you get an Ultimate Finish and great durability. If I was not going to polish and wax the vehicle I would normally use Dodo Juice Red Mist Tropical to get that just waxed shine and buff off the Red Mist with a Microfiber Madness Yellow Fellow cloth. I would then use the Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner on the glass work and some BlackFire Eclipse Wheel Gel on the tyre walls. If the plastic trim needs a bit of a shine I use Nanolex Trim Rejuvenator but this lasts a few months between washes so you don't have to use much of the product for long lasting results.

For the interior I always use Swissvax products including the Leather Milk as this and all of their interior products I find to be the best. Then after all that, it's off for a drive... to get it all dirty again!

Comments from Voters

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  • Never seen a car so sparklingly clean

  • awesome

  • Clean our Nissan Familymobile? ;-)

  • Great Looking Car What A finish. Keep Up The Good Work

  • Win win win!

  • I've seen less reflective mirrors. That's so clean I'd happily eat off it.

  • What a beauty can clean my car anytime please

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