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Swissvax Waschpudel

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Swissvax Waschpudel
Price: £21.00
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Luxury Wash Pad.

A new way to wash your car!

First there were sponges, then wash mitts and now....the Waschpudel.

Swissvax Waschpudel is a luxury wash pad made from 100% cotton pile to prevent scratching of even the most delicate surface.

Use with Swissvax Car Bath for best results.

Customer Reviews

two stars 23 May 2015

fell apart

after 2 washes fell apart in washing machine got many swissvax products and this is the only one which has let me down

four stars 31 Dec 2012

Good for the money

I've still got my first one that I bought 10 months ago. As long as its washed on a low spin it'll last and last (unless I've just been lucky). I have a second that the stitching along one side has started to go but that's easily sorted. Recommended.

two stars 27 Apr 2012

not durable

Great for the first few uses but rapidly loses its shape, with the inner sponge moving inside the outer fabric.

Sudesh Surti
two stars 19 Oct 2011

Washpad misery

The washpad did a great job on the car, however, it fell apart after one wash in the washing machine! I've had many wash pads and have always washed them in the washing machine. None of them have ever fallen apart like this before!

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