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Volkswagen Golf GTi - David Wainwright

Entered for the July 2013 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: David Wainwright

Make: Volkswagen

Model: Golf GTi

Year: 2009

Viewed: 5135 times.

Votes/Comments: 140

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Volkswagen Golf GTi
Volkswagen Golf GTi
Volkswagen Golf GTi
Volkswagen Golf GTi

Products Used

How David Used Our Products

I have owned this car since December 2012. Since then I have fitted a number of modifications, including a Milltek cat back exhaust and has been on a club stand at Ultimate Dubs.

My usual detailing regime is as follows:

  • Valet Pro Advanced Neutral Snow Foam
  • Polishing Booth shampoo using a Meguiar's Lambs Wool Mitt and Bucket & Grit Guard
  • Meguiars Bug and Tar remover
  • Poorboys Clay Bar with Meguiar's Quik Detailer for lube
  • Meguiar's Ultimate Compound using a polishing pad & DAS6
  • 3M Perfect-it III Ultrafina SE Polish using a 3M high gloss pad & DAS6
  • Poorboys White Diamond using a soft buffing pad & DAS6
  • Race Glaze Signature Series 55 wax by hand
  • Auto Finesse Tough Coat paint sealant by hand
  • Autoglym Custom Wheel cleaner
  • Meguiar's Endurance Tyre Gel
  • Rim Wax Wheel Sealant

Comments from Voters

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  • Dave's spent a lot of time and hard work getting his dub looking this good, deserves the first prize

  • can't fault this. absolute perfection!

  • every credit to the owner

  • great pictures. makes the car look mega clean

  • nice mate - baz knowles

  • this thing makes a great noise!

  • very well maintained. looks amazing.

  • looked amazing at GTi International earlier this month!

  • car looks super clean! well deserved!

  • bet the exhaust sounds amazing!

  • sits perfect!

  • really love this. very mean looking VW

  • fantastic mate

  • well worth my vote

  • good luck mate. well deserved.

  • absolute beast of a gti!

  • hope you win it's about time this car was cleaned ;)

  • good luck dave

  • always loved VWs

  • saw this at UD! beautiful car and very well modified

  • always a pleasure to see this on the streets

  • good luck from the Horwich C/C boys :-)

  • future show winner!

  • I have seen this in the flesh and it's amazing!

  • wigans finest!

  • hands down winner!

  • good luck from the saint ;)

  • wise selection of deatiling products. great results!

  • great spec car. love the mods.

  • great mirror finish!

  • a pleasure to work on. good luck.

  • fine example

  • great work

  • good luck - northwestdubs

  • nice swan goose!

  • one of the very best golfs around

  • x2

  • always spotless

  • v. jealous mate! gorgeous car

  • beauty

  • from tommy unphased

  • very simple. very clean. love it.

  • well deserved

  • hope this car wins

  • this car rocks!

  • my favourite golf. peter.

  • all the best

  • best car in the competition

  • all the right mods

  • good luck

  • OEM+

  • love those wheels. OEM+

  • perfect gti mate

  • best shape golf

  • love the custom grille insert. works very well!

  • best colour!

  • such a beauty

  • cool dub

  • love it

  • Nice candy white David

  • Stunning example in a fab colour

  • Looking good! Why is the vote counter not going up? UF: They have to be checked first :-)

  • Stunning!

  • This should be 1st!

  • Beautifull GTI, subtle mods are done to perfection!

  • looked great at the ford cumbria / dubwerx mega meet!

  • great condition

  • nice!

  • subtle mods make this mk6 gti look perfect

  • gorgeous car owned by a great guy

  • very nice

  • good luck david

  • fantastic attention to detail

  • love all the auto finesse gear. great choices!

  • such a stunning motor

  • a work of art from VW!

  • lovely motor

  • superb

  • great routine. mirror shine! looks amazing <3

  • I love this car!

  • beautiful example

  • good luck mate - ry ford

  • good going bro

  • good luck... VagSquad

  • hope you win mate

  • wanna swap? ha

  • much love. ryan j. x

  • true classic german vehicle!

  • best mk6 gti around!

  • love it babe x

  • great car. good luck.

  • gorgeous car

  • tasty gti

  • LED rears would finish this car off!

  • It's a winner!!!!

  • very nice looks like some hard graft gone into that pal

  • great selection of products in your detailing regime

    • Dave Major
  • Awesome Mk6!!

  • I mean, its brilliant, isnt it?

  • gorgeous car. love it david x

  • Good luck

  • love the original Monza wheels. car looks fantastic.

  • a real head turner!

  • great attention to detail

  • flawless

  • perfect example of what can be done with a golf gti

  • Great looking GTi m8...

  • this Golf GTi is kept in emaculate condition by its owner Dave Wainwright

  • very nice car Dave

  • Absolute Minster - a credit to the owner

  • It's a nice vw

  • Nice looking motor

  • Very nice GTI, Best colour too. bet the miltek sounds awesome!!

  • Looking really smart, clear winner

  • From danpalmer1993 - ukmkivs

  • That's dedication to the cause...stunning!!

  • love this car! all the right mods. good luck dave.

  • (••) (•-)

  • Fantastic condition, a lot of care and attention here. +1, Silvo

  • Awesome Car and well looked after.

  • You know my thoughts on this mate..... sits perfect and the paintwork is always immaculate

  • this car is white gold

  • Good Luck mate!

  • Best car by a mile!

  • Looks like a beautifully looked after car


  • This is a win

  • Stunning motor. This is a flawless example of perfection!

  • super clean

  • Stunning car. Every credit to ya.

  • Awesome car, so very clean and very well looked after. want one!!

  • Great example of the legendary car that started the GTi hot hatch category.

  • Very tidy Mk6 GTI this. Subtly modified and very clean

  • good job mate!

  • love the detailing route

  • Love it

  • Good luck mate. Beautiful car

  • gorgeous attention to detail mk6 gti!

  • stunning motor

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