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Poorboy's World Poorboys White Diamond Show Glaze (473ml)

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Poorboys White Diamond Show Glaze (473ml
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Polishing Glaze For Light Coloured Paintwork.

White Diamond has been specifically formulated to help you get the most from light coloured paintwork. It contains gentle cleaners which lift and remove dirt and grime and Polishing agents to remove light swirls and scratches. Colour-charged fillers help to hide the remaining imperfections until you have the opportunity to give your vehicle a full detail.

Features & Benefits:

  • Cleansers lift dirt from scratches thereby reducing their appearance
  • Adds gloss & shine to paintwork
  • Contains fillers to hide imperfections
  • Easy to use - even in the sun!
  • Wipe on, leave to haze then buff off with clean microfibre
  • Safe for all paint types
  • Can be used on chrome & metal work
  • Apply by hand or with DA machine polisher

Size: 473ml


Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Customer Reviews

five stars 22 Jun 2015

Great shine

Picked this product after previously using Black Hole on a black car but now having an Ibis White A4. Went on easy and produced a great shine even though I already thought my car had a good shine, how wrong was I

Simon Clements
five stars 18 May 2012

Produced a deep shine

Used a part of my regime with a number of Poorboys products, I was really surprised at how well it made my light silver car shine. The effect was that of deep colour and the metallic flakes are much more noticable, the visibly seem to pop from the paintwork. very easy to use and buffs off well. This product is lasting well. Great value for money and impressive results.

Ian Burrell
five stars 18 May 2012

the best!!

I've used many products over the years, some costing much more than Poorboys, but make no mistake!, this is by far and away the best ever!, I'm converted, it's Poorboys from now on!! 10/10!!!

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