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Nissan 370Z Nismo - Stuart Longhurst

Entered for the July 2013 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Stuart Longhurst

Make: Nissan

Model: 370Z Nismo

Year: 2013

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Votes/Comments: 3

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Nissan 370Z Nismo
Nissan 370Z Nismo
Nissan 370Z Nismo
Nissan 370Z Nismo

Products Used

How Stuart Used Our Products

Firstly I start off with the wheels using Meguiar’s hot rims all wheel cleaner sprayed all over and the tyres, leave for a few minutes then rinse. Then I use the Ultimate snow foam covering my car and leaving for a few minutes, in the meantime I am filling the two Meguiar’s buckets with grit guards one warm one cold. Rinsed of the car to remove snow foam and dirt deposits, then using a noodle type wash mitt and a good splash of Meguiar’s wash and wax added to the warm bucket I start at the roof lightly washing the whole car constantly rinsing off the wash mitt in the cold bucket to remove any trapped dirt. After washing then I jet wash off any soap residue then rinse again using the hosepipe and the Aqua gleam 0ppm De-ioniser water filter, with the aid of a couple of absorbent towels to dry.

Then sprayed the lower section of the car and bonnet with Auto smart Tardis one panel at a time and lightly remove with soft cloths. Any other insect or deposits are removed by using Autoglym Rapid detailer and Meguiar’s Mirror glaze detailing clay, then the same two products are used on the wheels. After I am happy with the results I use the Poorboys white diamond show glaze one panel at a time applied then buffed off with a soft cloth to leave a perfect shine. The glass is then cleaned with Autoglym Fast making sure nothing goes on the bodywork inside and out, after vacuuming the interior and cleaning all black surfaces with the Meguiar’s Ultimate protectant dash and trim, I also use the same product for any exterior black plastics to give a glossy look. To freshen the car I use the Autoglym Autofresh on all carpets and the cloth seats and leave to dry.

The last items to be cleaned are the exhausts on which i use the Maguire’s NXT All metal polysh and then the tyres which i spray on the Meguiar’s Hot shine tyre spray being careful not to get it on the bodywork or the wheels. And lastly the alloy wheels get sprayed with Autoglym Alloy wheel seal which is left for a moment then buffed off to leave a lovely shine. Then step back and admire my hard work.

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  • Just sexy!!!!!!!!

  • Gorgeous car. Love the two tone colour.

  • Gorgeous car. looks amazingly clean... Want one!

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