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Seat Leon 20vt Cupra - James Bland

Entered for the March 2014 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: James Bland

Make: Seat

Model: Leon 20vt Cupra

Year: 2003

Viewed: 3450 times.

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Seat Leon 20vt Cupra
Seat Leon 20vt Cupra
Seat Leon 20vt Cupra
Seat Leon 20vt Cupra

Products Used

How James Used Our Products

Step1: WASH Firstly I used the hose and a Karcher Jet Wash to give the car a good rinse down, then onto the Poorboy’s Wash Suds using the Two Bucket Method, also using the Meguiar’s Mitt. The body is washed first, then a bucket refill to do the wheels. I then rinse down car again and dry off using trusty chamois leather.

Step2: CLAYING After ensuring car is thoroughly dry including those annoying little water retaining trim pieces and door shuts, I used the Meguiar’s Clay Kit, firstly applying a small amount of Meguiar’s Detailing Mist Spray to each panel, then after warming the clay bar in my hand I proceeded to rub down each panel lifting off the tar and other nasty deposits. This was then followed by a quick wipe with a Microfibre Cloth to remove any residue. I repeated these steps on the entire car starting on passenger front wing, and finishing on the front bumper.

Step3: PAINT CLEAN Possibly considered an unnecessary step after claying but nevertheless, I proceeded to use the Meguiar’s Step 1 Deep Crystal Cleaner. This was applied in a small splodge onto the applicator pad, rubbed onto a panel at a time, left to haze then buffed off by hand with a Microfibre Cloth. Each cloth is new by the way, for the sake of a few quid I think it’s worth using a new cloth each time. I continued the same method on each individual panel.

Step4: SHOWGLAZE By far my favourite step of the entire process is when I get to use the Poorboy’s Black Hole Show Glaze, I’m aware it’s just a swirl cover up glaze but I don’t have the money for a machine polisher yet so it’ll have to do.

A small splodge onto a new applicator pad, rubbed onto each panel lightly, left to haze and then buffed off by hand, not only are the swirls disguised but a massive smile simultaneously appears on my face with each completed panel, repeat these steps until car is complete.

Step4: WAXING After Black Hole it’s difficult for me to not stand back for a few hours and admire my work, however glaze will soon dull if not waxed and sealed, so at this point I pick up either the Poorboy’s Nattys Paste Wax or the Meguiar’s NXT Tech Wax 2.0, apply onto a new pad and once again work each panel, leave to haze and buff off by hand.

Step4: SEALING Directly after the waxing stage I move back to the Poorboy’s section of my bag and pick out the EX-P sealant, this stuff not only smells amazing it also leaves a glass like smooth finish on the bodywork, and also seals in all the hard work previously expelled on the car. Once again I put a small splodge on a new pad, work into each panel, leave to haze and then buff off by hand with a new Microfibre Cloth.

Step5: ADMIRE In my opinion the car bodywork is now complete, the next stage includes placing teabag in cup, creating brew and standing back for a break and 15mins of admiration :)

Step5: WHEELS Upon completion of brew and break I then begin the wheels. I tend to start with the tyre shine as I used to have a habit of cleaning the wheels then dribbling tyre shine onto them, annoying! I apply the tyre shine gel onto an ordinary household kitchen sponge and carefully rub onto each tyre, I then wipe off any excess using a soft cloth. Then I dig out the Autoglym clean wheels spray, carefully spray each wheel and then leave to dry a bit, this is then buffed off by hand with a new Microfibre Cloth.

I then wax and seal the wheels using the same method as described in the bodywork section, my wheels are the TT Comps as were found on the MK1 Audi TT, so thankfully they are quite simple and easy to clean with no finger crushing gaps!

Step6: GLASS One of my least favourite parts of the process yet still enjoyable is the glass cleaning, picking up the Meguiar’s Clarity Cleaner I spray a small amount directly onto the outside of each window and then rub into the glass until it leaves a streak free crystal clear finish. I do all the outsides including the windscreen, then go round again doing the insides, one Microfibre for the outsides then one for the insides.

Step7: ENGINE I’ve not posted up the engine cleaner because in all honesty I don’t know what it is. My friend lent me something and told me they use it on their plant hire vehicles to clean the cabin, all I know is it brings up my engine trim better than anything I’ve ever used. It’s applied lightly with mist spray bottle, then using a damp sponge to rub into the engine trim, the result is a shiny new engine... or at least the look of one.

Step8: INTERIOR I’ll admit my interior skills are not a patch on some of the work I’ve seen on here but until I learn how to do it properly the method I use is very simple!

Firstly I hoover the entire car using the trusty henry hoover, carpets, seats, parcel shelf, boot etc. Then I rub out any marks or stains (rare seeing as eating is banned in the car) using a good quality upholstery cleaner, usually Meguiar’s. I then use the Meguiar’s Quick Interior Detail Spray, in small amounts onto a new Microfibre and then rub down the dash, door cards, centre console and any other trim pieces.

Step9: STAND BACK AND ADMIRE My work is now done, at this point the kettle is once again called upon, after a quick brew the decision is taken whether to go for a cruise and admire my reflection in shop windows or tuck up the old girl in the garage ready for a 5am trip to work, either way I’m happy as I now have a shiny seat Leon Cupra to drive around in.... until it rains and I have to do it all over again. Thanks for reading, well done if you managed the whole thing, I tend to ramble on.

Please vote for me and my Leon, it’s not the most valuable or glamorous car to grace these pages but for one 25yr old lad (me) it is my pride and joy and will be for a long time to come, thanks again!

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