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Range Rover Evoque - Mike McQueen

Entered for the April 2014 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Mike McQueen

Make: Range Rover

Model: Evoque

Year: 2013

Viewed: 5758 times.

Votes/Comments: 112

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Range Rover Evoque
Range Rover Evoque
Range Rover Evoque
Range Rover Evoque

Products Used

How Mike Used Our Products

2013 Evoque Prestige SD4 Manual (4WD) 2.2 Litre Diesel Engine (190hp) with six-speed transmission. 20" Shadow Chrome Wheels.

Although new to detailing I am now obsessed!

Started with a quick power wash to blast off most of the dirt then used G-Wash with lambswool mitt to finish cleaning with a rinse using power wash. Diluted W2 Universal Cleaner and sprayed onto wheels and left for a minute or two. Used Wheel Woolies with G-Wash to then completely clean wheels then rinse with power wash.

Dried car with 2 large drying towels (1 not quite enough for this car) then used diluted C2v3 as a quick detailer. M1 Metal Polish for exhaust finishers and G6 Perfect Glass for, well....perfect glass.

T1 Tyre & Trim applied to tyres and all black plastic trim. Interior cleaned using L1 Leather Coat (used on all seats and leather dashboard) and C6 Matte Dash for the remainder.

Comments from Voters

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  • Love it

  • One lucky car and devoted owner!

  • Very nice:-)

  • Shiny.

  • Good can use mine for practise!!

  • Great deep shine

  • Washing-up liquid for me.... but admire your hard work.

  • Loving your gold plated buckets with the diamond and platinum grit guards :-)

  • Looks fantastic mccarroll01

  • Beautiful

  • Very nice, good attention to detail well done

  • Well done !!!

  • Great job!

  • Yey

  • looks great

  • Good work

  • Fantastic job. Looks better than when it came out the factory

  • Lovely

  • Good Luck Mike

  • Great work

  • stunning job

  • Awesome looking car

  • Nice

  • wow great looking car

  • cool car, worth my vote

  • Looking Good!

  • What a Fantastic Car - beautifully clean and detailed.

  • That's a talent!

  • Fantastic effort - Orkney grey really show the depth of shine.

  • Looking fab!

  • Awesome!

  • Stunning!

  • Good luck :)

  • Looking superb

  • clean

  • Stunning.

  • Fabulous Looking Car. Superb Shine.

  • Great car in the best colour!

  • good stuff

  • Looking good .... Should get extra votes as the Evoque is a bigger/harder car to detail. !!

  • car gleaming everytime you see it

  • photographs don't do this car justice, the work he puts in using this product is amazing keep up the

  • Superb car and finish

  • Top notch car!!! Want it now!!!!!!

  • Fabulous Liquid Finish

  • Awesome Finish, well done

  • looks great

  • Amazing Finish

  • gleaming

  • Stunning shine need a few tips mike for the audi.

  • Luvley

  • Looks brilliant Mike

  • Beautiful!

  • A delight on four wheels

  • Wish my car was as shiny as this one, its georgous!

  • Nice, good luck.

  • Great shine

  • Great finish.

  • Stunning

  • What a great looking car

  • Ooh very nice,you can polish mine anytime

  • Mine needs a polish

  • Great shine on an Orkney Grey Evoque

  • :)

  • Looks superb

  • wonderful!

  • Its almost as shiny as my head

  • lovely shine

  • looking good Mike Ultimate finish certainly lives up to its name, tomdotcom

  • do you work as well ......must of taken a while

  • What a shine!

  • Very nice looking

  • shiny, shiny

  • aint it a beauty !!!

  • Debs can clean my car ANYTIME !

  • Lovely finish on a lovely car

  • If only I could get that kind of result!

  • Looking great

  • Looking good

  • Great looking car improved even more by the GTechniq products used

  • Looks awesome, great job

  • beautiful finish

  • This boys toy is cool and shiney, nice to see products that do what they say.

  • Magnificently polished!

  • Looking good!

  • Very Nice !

  • Lovely car

  • cracking shine good looking evoque

  • Hope I can mine looking as clean as this.....fantastic job

  • Vote

  • Let him win!

  • Great looking Evoque

  • Awesome, super clean Evoque. Looking great.

  • Wow outstanding

  • Nice wheels.

  • Lovely looking car

  • Very shiny x

  • A beautiful car looking superb, a fantastic example of the Evoque

  • Stunning car with amazing sheen, you've got my vote :)

  • looks beautiful

  • Got my vote

  • Stunning car, great work

  • Absolutely beautiful!

  • One fabulous looking Evoque, well done!

  • Brilliant shots of a brilliant car....Very classy....!

  • Great looking Evoque

  • Looking good

  • Super job

  • Wowser Wowser Wowser, never seen a car looking this fantastic, it's AMAZING

  • voted

  • Very nice job!

  • This is the cleanest car I have ever seen.

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