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Peugeot RCZ - Kerry Thirkettle - Winner June 2014

Entered for the June 2014 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Kerry Thirkettle

Make: Peugeot

Model: RCZ

Year: 2013

Viewed: 6487 times.

Votes/Comments: 229

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Peugeot RCZ
Peugeot RCZ
Peugeot RCZ
Peugeot RCZ

Products Used

How Kerry Used Our Products

Over the period of several weeks I set to preparing my RCZ for an Owners Meet. I had to put the men to shame!

First of all I started with cleaning the wheels, as always. These were power washed down and then sprayed with Car Chem Revolt's wheel cleaner. An excellent cleaner this. The front spokes and rear of the alloys are cleaned with a variety of brushes and the tyres scrubbed with Megs APC and brush to get them really clean before applying my favourite tyre dressing, Gtechniq T1. The alloys are protected with Gtechniq C1 which was applied several months ago and is still protecting them well.

Next it was on to cleaning the engine bay. The Sahara Desert had found a new home in my car so a light spray of the engine bay with power washer on a low setting. The bay was then cleaned up with a detailing brush and Megs APC. This was then sprayed with 303 Aerospace Protectant and left for a few hours, before being buffed off to leave a nice matt finish.

Next it was on to snow foam the car using Valet Pro Advanced Snow Foam. This has one of the best cleaning properties of all snow foams that I have used. Whilst this was dwelling I cleaned the front grill, panel gaps, window rubbers, petrol cap, door shuts with a detailing brush and Megs APC. The car was then power washed down.

The shampoo of choice on this occasion was Car Chem Tailor Made shampoo 1900:1. Highly concentrated only a tiny amount of shampoo is required for great cleaning power. This was then rinsed down using the open hose method and deionised water from my DI vessel.

The paintwork was then fully decontaminated using Tardis and Iron X which are sprayed on the paint, left to dwell for only a few minutes, agitated if necessary and then power washed down. Finally the paintwork is clayed, just for a final finish to make sure the paintwork is as smooth as possible. The paintwork was now feeling silky smooth. Now we were ready for machine polishing.

Polishing was carried out over a series of days and nights using Meguiar’s 105 and 205. Paint readings are around 120um so not much to worry about there. For most parts, 205 was all that was required on a white hexlogic pad and Chemical Guys Optical Micro Fibre polishing pad. My new LED Rechargeable 10w lamp was great at picking up imperfections and swirls in the paintwork and helped to light up the garage on dark, rainy nights. I was really happy with the results that I was getting. To aid the shine even more I decided to apply Clearkote Red Moose glaze to enhance the flake in the metallic red paint, which it did well and added a real wetness to the paint.

A few days earlier a fellow RCZ owner had kindly painted my brake calipers red for me. I detailed his car in return. Fair trade to me!

This added a nice touch to my car and was really pleased with the results. I had noticed that the wheel nut covers looked like they are started corroding so decided to take them off and polish them up to see if that improved things. Polished using wire wood and the Britemax polishing twins brought them up nicely. They were then sealed with Gtechniq C1 to keep them protected for some time to come. These were refitted, looking all shiny and the wheels were finished off by dressing the tyres with two coats of Gtechniq T1.

Furthermore, I had also bought a new gear knob (from the RCZ R) which matched my interior rather well. The exterior trim was in need of some treatment so this was cleaned thoroughly and wiped down with panel wipe before Nanolex Trim Rejuvenator was applied using a small foam pad. Left the trim looking like new.

The LSP that I choose was Black Magic Details, Miura Best of Show wax. A very easy to apply wax that removes with considerable ease. Two coats were applied, an hour apart. The wax added to the clarity of the paintwork and the flake was really popping. The exhausts were polished up using the Britemax polishing twins and wire wool. These were left to haze before being buffed up to a lovely shine.

So just the little jobs left to do now such as the rubber seals being treated with Swissvax Seal Feed. The interior was cleaned up using Werkstat Prime on the brightwork, Absolution to clean up the mats and carpets before being protected long term with Gtechniq I1 fabric protectant.

The leather seats and leather effect dash and door cards were cleaned with Furniture Clinic leather cleaner and then protected with their Protector, which is retreated every 3 months. So finally, the car was finished and I was really happy with the results.

Comments from Voters

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  • Flippin' eco girl... Lovely car :B

  • WOW!! WOW!! WOW!!

  • Good luck Kerry. Your car deserves to win.

  • I really hope this wins. It looks truly magnificent.

  • I wish you would detail my car for me. I'd love it to look like this. The shine is amazing.

  • Astonishing work and what surely must be one of the most gorgeous looking cars ever made.

  • Good Luck Kerry

  • Brilliant finish and a lovely colour.

  • c'est magnifique. Tu esu un prestidigateur

  • Love the red (Y)

  • Outstanding!

  • Hope youre successful, you've earned it. Great looking car

  • Better late than never - here's my vote for you

  • We've seen it, admired it and photographed it. Now we hope it wins.

  • I see a winner here

  • Got a great finish here Kez

  • An outstanding finish and a lovely car

  • If this car doesn't win I'll eat your pot of wax :)

  • like it

  • teach me to get my car to look like that

  • Amazing results, looks like a winner

  • Winner winner winner!!!

  • That's the shine my car deserves can you practice on mine

  • This must be a winner, there's nothing to touch it!

  • This car is simply stunning

  • Yuor car is my winner. Good luck

  • Beautiful car that makes the job worthwhile

  • Awesome looking car, awesome writeup

  • Marvellous work.

  • Fabulous car with a faulous finish

  • Looks like a winner to me!

  • Ooooohhh, shiny...!

  • Super clean, great job.

  • Super result for all the work. Good luck to you

  • Looking really good Kez

  • I take my hat off to you for a job well done and stunning outcome

  • Looks as good as a professional finish . . .

  • Happy to vote

  • Nice work Kerry :-)

  • That wet-look finish is amazing. Well done

  • Deserves my vote

  • Super glossy !

  • Top job. No more to say really!

  • This is dope mate!

  • Detailed to within an inch! Superb

  • Fingers crossed yours wins, it's beautifully presented

  • Utterly beguiling car, you obviously love it

  • Wish my husband would clean his car as well as you clean yours!

  • Sublime!! Love your car and the write up too!

  • Best of luck

  • Sensational!

  • Mega shine there

  • I would like to have a car like this.

  • Not a spot of bird muck in sight!

  • Gleaming!

  • epic gloss and depth of colour,stunnung finsh

  • A well chosen product list and athorough report. Deserves a vote.

  • The end justifies all the hard work put in. Excellent.

  • Great work, great result

  • An awesome result my dear. One to be proud of.

  • Looking good Kerry. Another great job!

  • A great finish from the BMD Miura - love it.

  • Fab! Fab! Fab! A great job, well done.

  • Good description

  • What an in-depth write up! Wish I understood it all but the end result is brilliant!

  • Looks really nice; worth all the effort.

  • Wonderful vehicle, wonderful results

  • Got to back the girls - good luck!

  • Good luck

  • Great write up and good product choices. Good luck.

  • Hope you win - that is an amazing shine!

  • Great looking car there.

  • Looks amazing.

  • RCZ envy....

  • what a car!

  • Stunning!

  • Great detail - you should be proud

  • Good work

  • smart car - good job - got to be a winner

  • Great job - great car

  • Looking good

  • Looks lovely

  • Looks great! Good luck.

  • Don't understand all the processes, but the end result is outstanding.

  • Detailed write up of a top job. Fingers crossed.

  • Hope you're a winner!

  • Stunning work!!!

  • Wow! Looks amazing - the hard work has defintely paid off!!

  • Simply Stunning , the best RCZ in the world .

  • Wor Jack would be proud of a finish like this. Good work!

  • Great looking car - good luck

  • Stunning detailing on a great looking car.

  • absolutely fantastic.

  • Looking good

  • wow

  • you have my vote

  • Great shine!

  • How on earth do you find the time Kerry? Looking lovely

  • Way to go

  • Please be the winner !

  • A superb write up Kerry all the best.

  • Wish I had your patience and attention to detail!!

  • Lovely work and a really good write up - I might steal some tips!

  • What a car! What a finish!

  • Top work there young lady, a very well looked after Z indeed

  • What a great example, thorough write up too!

  • Love the colour very shiney it's a credit to you.

  • Come on Kerry you can do it

  • wow stunning job kerry - a winner if ever i saw one!

  • Happy with the results, you should be well done

  • great color and shine!

  • Queen of detailing!

  • How cool is that!!!!!

  • This surely should be a winner.

  • One word - Excellent !

  • Great write-up !

  • Shiney :-)

  • A real credit to you. First class.

  • Fabulous Fabulous Fabulous !

  • Can I get a finish by you like that

  • gleam, gleam, gleam,

  • wish mine had the same mirror polish

  • fantastic finish, if only she could do it to my car "by mistake" might even pay!

  • Look at that shine B)

  • Superb result worth all the hard work

  • Brilliant job lovely finish !!

  • Super finish

  • Stunning !!!!!!!

  • Great job :-)

  • Beautiful car, beautifully presented!!

  • All the best Kerry

  • I wish my car looked like this. Can you do mine ?

  • Beautiful, sexy car !

  • Wow

  • Fabulous effort and a great write up too!

  • Lovely results!!!!!

  • Your car is amazing, the shine is so deep

  • Kerry to win. excellent work on her RCZ

  • Supreme result, well done!!

  • loving the colour all the best hope you win you deserve it.

  • Brilliant example Kerry

  • Lovely z you deserve to win

  • Good luck Kerry

  • All the best Kerry

  • What a fine example for RCZ good luck.

  • Come on Kerry you desreve this one.

  • All the best Kerry

  • Good luck, amazing work!!

  • Love the colour

  • All the Best Kerry

  • Good luck Kerry.

  • You need to see this car in the flesh it'a a credit to you kerry.


  • You clearly have an eye for detail Kerry, which shows in the finished result

  • Magnificent Kerry

  • It's not often you see a woman detailing a car to such a high standard. This puts many men to shame.

  • Amazeballs !

  • Gorgeous car. Great work.

  • I love how this car looks. Stunning.

  • Sweet looking car I must say misses.

  • Amazing looking finish.

  • Lovely :-)

  • Another fantastic result RCZ1, well done!

  • What a fabulous finish.

  • What a fantastic looking car. A job very well done.

  • Fantastic. Just the job.

  • Good luck!

  • fantastic job, looks really amazing

  • Impressive finish, hard work really pays off for sure

  • Wow, ultimate effort & ultimate finish

  • Outstanding, you really know how to bring or the best from the products you used

  • Now that's what I call shiny!

  • What a result, it's a credit to your hard work and detailing talent

  • Wonderful, simply wonderful

  • shiney

  • great looking car

  • stunning shine

  • Stunning !

  • Excellent work as always.

  • Should be a winner !

  • You can do my car anytime if it ends up looking like that.

  • Gorgeous looking car.

  • A perfect example of the RCZ!

  • Stunning looking car and in perfect condition.

  • What a stunning looking car. It must win !

  • Absolutely stunning. Will you do mine ?

  • Stunning !

  • Brilliant work :-)

  • Wish mine looked as good as this!

  • Top job with amazing results. Keep it up!

  • Stunning work. You put the men to shame !

  • Excellent write up. Amazing work.

  • Excellent work, and a great result. A credit to you!

  • Better than a car showroom model!

  • Hard work paid off. Looks great.

  • Looks great

  • Excellent work. Car looks stunning.

  • Excellent! Better than the show room.

  • Shiny! :-)

  • an expert job kerry. car looks amazing. u are truly dedicated. good luck u are a winner

  • Absolutely Brilliant, my car always looks brand new after you have worked your magic!!

  • Great detail, good looks and well worth my vote - it's a winner!

  • Looks great !!

  • Beautiful, She could clean and polish my car anytime

  • excellent work as always from you Kerry Top marks

  • That girl know how to make a care shine and stay that way

  • This car is one of the best RCZ's in looks & detailing well done Kerry she's a credit to you.

  • Awesome car Kez :)

  • Great work Kerry - the RCZ looks stunning!

  • Brilliant work, brilliant results, I feel inspired to get my car looking this good!

  • Stunning

  • Wow, absolutely stunning, paint looks wet enough to swim in.

  • Good luck Kerry. Can't think of a more deserving winner. Rizz

  • Lot of effort gone into this mate. Great result and thorough write up. Keep up the good work.

  • Top job, as always. And a great write up!

  • great detail Kerry, good luck!

  • stunning!

  • Awesome work

  • Well done, great work!

  • Such a nice shiny, well taken care of car.

  • Lovely looking motor with great reflections

  • Great looking car, and finished off superbly :)

  • Not sure what I like more the write up or the shine.

  • Some great products used which shows in the suberb finish.

  • A spectacular write up, shows a well thought out approach giving the fantastic results shown.

  • Looks great and very detailed write up.

  • Awesome stuff!

  • Great write up, and a brilliant detail. The car looks stunning!

  • Good luck Kerry, fantastic work- it looks amazing!!

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