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Swissvax Seal Feed (250ml)

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Swissvax Seal Feed (250ml)
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Prevent Rubber Seals From Cracking.

Rubber is not plastic. On the contrary, rubber is a natural product, which means that most plastic care products should not be used on rubber parts. Without the correct care over time, rubber becomes brittle, cracked and unsightly.

Swissvax Seal Feed was developed exclusively for rubber and keeps rubber seals pliable for years. Even hardened seals become soft and flexible again after several applications. And it also reliably prevents seals from freezing in the winter.

Size: 250ml

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Customer Reviews

five stars 30 Apr 2015

A must have product

I thought long and hard about this product but its sooooo worth it, refreshes rubber back to how it should and stop new rubber for giving off those annoying squeaks that can do your head in.

G Bhambra
five stars 07 Apr 2012

Looks like new!

Tricky to apply with the finger but you soon get the hang of it. The harder you press it in when applying the better the result. I was a bit worried as some got onto the window and paint but even after the recommended 30 minutes it just polished straight off. To play it safe you could always use some 3M tape. Wow! The rubber looks like brand new. The windows are operating smoother too. I also used this around door and boot seals with great results. Makes a huge difference to the overall appearance of the car in terms of the clean and detailed vinyl/rubber lines. The rubber looks and feels healthy. Another tip: apply in one direction only for best results and when you wipe it off then again use one direction only. This avoids the problem of patches.

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