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Volkswagen Golf GTi - Brad Baylis

Entered for the December 2014 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Brad Baylis

Make: Volkswagen

Model: Golf GTi

Year: 1999

Viewed: 3358 times.

Votes/Comments: 24

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Volkswagen Golf GTi
Volkswagen Golf GTi
Volkswagen Golf GTi
Volkswagen Golf GTi

Products Used

How Brad Used Our Products

As my car is a V reg (1999) 15 years old, the paintwork was in desperate need for renovating. So after endless hours of research on the best way to approach this and the best products to use I started to write down the products i needed, the process, and order of applying them. I only had basic knowledge of car detailing and was sceptical about using a rotary polisher from all the horror stories i had read on the internet forums about burning through the paint, but without using a rotary I knew I would not get the results i desired. So I purchased all the products listed, from my research I thought they would provide the best results for my black painted mk4 golf.

Firstly i washed my car using the two bucket method (with grit guards) with the Bilt-Hamber auto wash shampoo and Meguiar’s Lambswool wash mitt.

For the second step I used Meguiar’s clay kit with quick detailer to clay the vehicle.

For the third step I fitted a 3m compounding pad to my Silverline rotary polisher and proceeded to work the Poorboys SSR2.5 into the paintwork, starting at 600rmp then 1000rpm then 1400rpm and back down again to 1000rpm and finally 600rpm making sure to keep the polisher moving at all times.

The fourth and fifth steps were repeated the same way as the third step this time using Poorboys SSR2 and SSR1 and using a yellow polishing pad and finally finishing with a blue high gloss pad both from 3m.

I then applied a glaze, a sealant and a carnauba wax using Poorboys products again.

I purchased new wheels and tyres so the only thing needed for those was a protective sealant for the wheels from Gtechniq and some wet n black from turtle wax for the tyres.

My interior is always kept fairly clean so the interior kit from Autoglym was perfect for what I needed to give it that fresh showroom look.

Overall I am very pleased with the results, it almost looks like the car has had a re-spray. I hope this information helps anyone looking to use a rotary polisher on their car, they are not difficult to use and you don't need to be a professional detailer to use one, just a bit of common sense and you will be problem free.

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