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BMW M135i - Martin Welsh

Entered for the January 2015 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Martin Welsh

Make: BMW

Model: M135i

Year: 2014

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BMW M135i
BMW M135i
BMW M135i
BMW M135i

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BMW M135i

My work colleague had his brand new BMW M135i delivered last week so I offered to get a good layer of protection applied for the winter and to increase gloss!

The car itself is a weapon powered by a straight six-cylinder engine with Twin Scroll turbo technology delivering 320hp and 450Nm of torque through a dynamic 8 speed auto Steptronic box, capable of 0-60 in 4.9 seconds using launch control with a limited top speed of 155mph. To finish off the owner opted for an upgraded M Performance exhaust resulting in a lovely sound!

Interior: First up I gave the interior a quick going over, considering its only 1 week old not much needed done. Matts were cleaned and treated to Gtechniq smart fabric for maximum protection, windows cleaned using Gtechniq G6 Perfect Glass, all plastics and rubbers cleaned using Autoglym Vinyl and Rubber Care and leather cleaned using a light spray of Dr Leather.

Cleaning Stage: Next was to clean the exterior, even though it’s only covered 400 miles and only 1 week old it was looking rather dirty due to the salty roads. Citrus pre-wash was applied to the body, Bilberry wheel cleaner to the wheels and Meguiar’s All Purpose Cleaner to the arches. This was then followed by a thick layer of Magifoam Snow Foam left to dwell for 10 minutes before rinsing off. I then moved on to cleaning under the bonnet and all door shuts using Meguiar’s Super Degreaser and Meguiar’s APC. Using the 2 Bucket Method I then washed the body with Gyeon Bathe using a Meguiar’s lamb’s wool mitt. Followed by washing the wheels and exhaust tips with Gyeon Bathe using a range of brushes and a wash mitt.

Decontamination Stage: This next stage is important even for a brand new car to ensure all contaminants are removed. First up was an application of Tardis followed by iron-x. It’s possible the car has seen some sort of rail travel or rail yards from its journey so ensuring all iron deposits were removed results in best finish – although very little was apparent. Completing the decontamination stage I went over all glass and body work with Auto Finesse Clay Bar.

Wheel and Exhaust Stage: Wheels were removed for best access and coverage where brake calipers and hubs were de greased then sealed using FK1000P, arch liners treated with Aerospace Protectant 303 and wheels and exhausts polished with Autoglym Super Resin Polish followed by 2 coats of FK1000P – high temperature sealant. Blackfire Tyre dressing was applied to finish off the look and wheels were then put back on and torqued up to the stated 140Nm.

Seal Stage: I then went over the bodywork with Poorboys Black Hole sealant on a new Meguiar’s 7” finishing pad, medium speed using a DA followed by applying 2 coats of FK1000P for best durability throughout the winter topped off with Blackfire Midnight Sun instant detailer the next day.

Finishing Touches Stage: Under the bonnet I applied Aerospace Protectant 303 to all plastics and Dodo Juice Red Mist to all metal work. All door shuts and fuel shuts were also coated with Dodo Juice Red Mist for best protection and finish. And finally exterior glass was treated with Gtechniq G1 Clear Vision, 3 coats to windscreen and 1 coat to all others.

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