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Ford Focus - Simon Boulter

Entered for the May 2009 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Simon Boulter

Make: Ford

Model: Focus

Year: 2001

Viewed: 5625 times.

Votes/Comments: 77

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Ford Focus
Ford Focus
Ford Focus
Ford Focus

Products Used

How Simon Used Our Products

The car is a standard Ford Focus Collection.

The car was rinsed with clean water and then washed with the Meguiars Lambswool Washmitt using NXT car wash. It was then clayed using the Meguiars Smooth Surface Clay Kit. Next on the to do list was the 3 stage Meguiars Deep Crystal. Car was finished off inside with carpet and interior cleaner and tyres were dressed with Meguiars Endurance High Gloss Tyre Gel.

Comments from Voters

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  • Looks good

  • man thts shiny good work

  • great good done very deep shine

  • nice car

  • very nice car

  • great shine

  • nice car

  • How long did it take to clean?

  • nice finish you got there

  • super finish

  • polish king

  • super duper

  • fantastic gloss finish !!

  • Nice one mate

  • When are you doing mine?

  • Nice looking ride ;)

  • Excellent finish.Well done

  • wow what a shine

  • lots of polishing there ! lol

  • NICE !! Shiny... Good job!!

  • Great looking car and shine!

  • Brilliant job!

  • glorious shine there bud

  • !! super duper !!

  • one word stunning !

  • More reflective than a mirror! Excellent job. : )

  • fantastic shine there mate

  • Mirror shine you got there mate

  • excellent job mate

  • WOW!!! Black is had coklour to do but once done it looks wicked, good job.

  • super clean

  • very nice

  • Now that's what I call a mirror shine.

  • A shining example - better than showroom......

  • nice shine and no swirls ! lol

  • very nice !!

  • great finish m8

  • Very nice :)

  • super shine

  • Good job, just finish around the focus badge and it will be perfect :)

  • Can I bring my one round?

  • OMG

  • close between the Focus and the BM,but !!

  • nice job m8

  • wow nicw shine

  • stunning finish !!

  • wow what a shine

  • super job !!

  • amazing shine you got there mate.

  • thats one amazing finish you got there mate

  • Can't believe this is a 9 year old car!!

  • when can u do mine lol.

  • nice car m8

  • Wow amazing! Alot of hard work been put into it!

  • quality work there mate. looks fantastic

  • stunning can't beat panther black

  • I can see that a lot of hardwork has gone into this.

  • nice mirror finish

  • Love the shine. Nicest black car around

  • wow thats one great finish !!

  • thats quality !!

  • top class m8

  • thats one great finish

  • Your cars the bomb!

  • Yours is the only car I know that gets cleaner with age. Mad.

  • absolutely brilliant! Can't believe it's so shiny!

  • thats one nice shine

  • Clean as always mate. Looks like i gotta up my game ;)

  • Nice, smart car... Love it!

  • never seen a car as clean as this one mate, well done

  • superb finish

  • very shiny.... well done!

  • I can see my face in it :)

  • Crazy finish on that baby, I could (and will) eat my dinner off it.

  • awesome finish very deep shine very well looked after car nice work

  • So clean clean, Looks like a mirror!

  • Car looking great mate :)

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