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Ford Mondeo ST200 - Ronnie Kennedy

Entered for the February 2015 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Ronnie Kennedy

Make: Ford

Model: Mondeo ST200

Year: 1999

Viewed: 6094 times.

Votes/Comments: 275

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Ford Mondeo ST200
Ford Mondeo ST200
Ford Mondeo ST200
Ford Mondeo ST200

Products Used

How Ronnie Used Our Products

I have bought this car to be my next show car, she is an ST200 saloon 83/300 saloon so getting quite rare.

I started my day with a full wash using my Karcher car pressure wash and snow foam, then once sprayed off giving her a good wash and shampoo using my UF buckets and grit catchers. I then used my Clay cloth, this can be used for 50 washes rather that a clay bar that is use and throw away. For this I used warm soapy water as a lube.

Once this was done I shampooed the car off using the UF buckets with grit catcher. I then as I always do used my Meguiars 3 step polish system. I swear by this and always seem to use it when detailing a new car or several times during the show season with my other car an ST220. Once this was done I used by black hole polish, I love this stuff it is so easy to put on and remove without any chalk or grease.

Sounds strange to some but I then use NXT followed by Blue Velvet. All applied using the small Meguiars applicators and then polished off using my 12" rotary polisher.

Once the exterior and tyres were cleaned I moved to the inside, using Meguiars leather cleaner on the seats, removing the front seats I hoovered out the whole car, I find this a good way to do things as so much ends up down the sides of the seats and under them. Prior to putting the seats back I cleaned all the plastics and interior trim.

I then cleaned the windows using the only Autoglym product I like, the car class polish, inside and out.

Final job was the engine bay using paint brushes, plastic trim cleaner and poor boys black hole on the upper inlet manifold.

Alloys were cleaned with NXT metal polish as well as the exhaust trims.

I then used the Meguiars plastic trim cleaner on all widow and exterior plastic.

The car was then put back in the garage under a full car cover.

Comments from Voters

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  • Great Car!! Albukerk

  • Good Luck Ronnie.

  • awesome as always

  • Looking good Ronnie! rich from m-o

  • looking stunning

  • stunning mondeo

  • Beautiful

  • what a shine. cant beat car and colour combo.

  • Good luck dude

  • Looks amazing

  • Nice car

  • a credit to mo

  • Noice!

  • very nice

  • All that hard work deserves a vote 😎

  • beautiful car

  • top job

  • My car is lucky if it ever gets a fraction of that effort! Good luck.

  • Nice

  • Good luck

  • Nice 😃

  • bang tidy

  • Lots of hard work hope you win.

  • Great finish

  • Love this car, gorgeous colour n proper super tourer

  • excellent shine , dedication to detail

  • brilliant finish!

  • Best mk1 I've seen

  • stunning car. Jay Nicoll.....ST200 appreciation society :p

  • Stunning finish, worth the effort when it looks that good

  • Bloody love this car...ST200 all the way

  • excellent car

  • lovely motor

  • Amazing

  • stunning motor

  • What a car

  • smart motor

  • Outstanding

  • Brilliant example of a great car!

  • A lot of love goes into both Ronnies mondeos mo

  • What a great example of a well cared for car

  • Sweet

  • Mine modern classic

  • really brought out the colour. mint!

  • can you teach me??

  • Amazing car

  • Beautiful car

  • very nice

  • Gorgeous cars ronald

  • Love this...

  • Awesome

  • beautiful car

  • A menacing car with truly awesome presentation

  • one of my favourite cars

  • keep up good work

  • keep up the good work

  • cool what a beut

  • alot of time and love has gone into this car

  • love the mondy

  • Awesome ronnie

  • wish mine looked like this.

  • Beautiful examples of a great car!!!!

  • spotless

  • The ultimate shine on such a iconic car.

  • Awesome Ronnie

  • voted

  • Amazing

  • mint motor ~m-o

  • Amazing car!

  • 2 Beautifully turned out motors they are a credit to you Ronnie

  • amazing

  • What a Beautiful car

  • Great looking shine on the Mondeo

  • Awesome car Ronnie

  • Looking good Ronnie

  • He has done a lovely job looking great

  • Very nice car

  • I'm jealous of this beautie

  • Looking good

  • Very Nice

  • Me again AM FB Mondeo Owners Club

  • Third times a charm, Anthony McB

  • minted shine

  • beautiful car

  • Looks stunning! Great job Ronnie - a worthy winner :D

  • A worthy winner! Come on Ronnie heard you were thinking of pulling out, dont quit now!

  • Flawless looking mondeo! ~m-o

  • Very good looking pair. ~m-o

  • stunning car and absolutely well looked after....

  • beautiful motor can see alot of effort has gone into this

  • amazing :-)

  • Cool cars

  • love these mondeo!!

  • Awsome looking mondeo!!!

  • Stunning classic

  • lush

  • Lovely motor!

  • love it

  • Always loved the 200 limited. Ronnie mate. You've got my vote Lee !!!

  • Admirabilis

  • I want this guy to clean my car. So much attention to detail :-)))

  • beautiful motors

  • stunning motor!

  • absolutely flawless top job

  • ace motor :-)

  • Stunning Mondeo !!!

  • Cool

  • Glorious car

  • lovely car

  • A very painstakingly detailed car & excellent example.

  • Stunning examples

  • Lovely cars, better than when they left the factory M.O!

  • Very well kept cars deserves to win M.O!

  • Top man deserves to win with his spotless motors M.O!

  • a beauty of an st200 Ronnie.

  • a real beauty

  • nice pair

  • lovely shine bud

  • lovely car

  • Best ever

  • A stunning car. a real credit to your skill and hard work.

  • Voted mate. On Ashleigh's email

  • beautiful car.

  • Great motors and lovely shine

  • stunning cars fb m-o mark coggins

  • Amazing attention to detail, good job Ronnie.

  • Awesome old School!!! Shiny

  • Stunning, as always Ronnie

  • Fantastic!

  • Real nice mondeo :D

  • Looks good Ronnie!

  • Looking good Ronnie


  • Ronnies st limited what a motor best man for the best car

  • Stunning attention to detail.

  • fantastic example

  • lovely bloke lovelt car

  • That looks really special. congratulations.

  • Proper job mate

  • Hey Guy You must have spent ages on that. Well done~!

  • Looks really awesome mate

  • Looking good Ronnie good luck

  • Truly stunning example of a soon to be classic!Having seen Ronnie's other car, I'm slightly jealous

  • Nice one Ronnie, all your work certainly pays off :-)

  • Good luck Ronnie from m o

  • Wowzers! ;)

  • blue is the colour and a shiney ford is best at that.

  • As thorough as ever

  • Looking great as always

  • awesome cars

  • lovely car i want it

  • beautiful car

  • nice motors

  • ronnie to win

  • Beautiful cars ronnie :)

  • Very nice mondeo

  • nice car

  • proper job mint motors

  • hix

  • hi

  • Beautiful motor and a credit to it's owner

  • fantastic shine

  • Bloody beautiful

  • This mans love for his mondingo is superb.

  • Top work Ronnie, As ever!

  • Finest example there is!

  • Wow that's some serious shine and hard work. Looks Perfect.

  • gorgeous ronnie - gavin gamble

  • Deserves recognition

  • Lovely Mondeo! M-O

  • Looks tidy and a rare car

  • Awesome looking motor

  • Nice Job !

  • The car is a credit to the owner , lovely example and well cared for car .

  • nice results but damn hard work congrats

  • stunning looking motor, dont see many that good.

  • Looks beaut :)

  • Looking good, love the shine

  • Nice looking mk3 I vote this one allday long well done fella

  • gourgous motor tribute to ya

  • Is that mirror I see before me lol on but it could be, A McBride M O

  • Nice deep shine

  • this guy takes alot off care in his cars, if he finds anything wrong with them he sorts it,

  • best examples of. mondogs around

  • What an amazing looking car Ronnie, big thumbs up from teh Phill

  • Great looking car mate :)

  • I vote this car. nice car mate.

  • Best ever

  • That's how an ST should look and be treated. Well done Ronnie

  • Best mk3 out there second to none amazing

  • Looking good

  • looking good Ronnie M-O

  • I wish I could get my car to look as amazing as those

  • sparkling as always. Good luck Ronnie.

  • looking good ronnie

  • Voted for u mate

  • Nice

  • m-o !!!!! from scotland

  • m-o st200 owners come on ronnie

  • Bootiful

  • The one and only!

  • All cars he owns he looks after and makes them worthy of a showroom! Go and win it Ronnie! M.O

  • One of the best original examples around

  • stunning car well cared for a car to be proud of owning without a doubt M.O

  • Good luck Ronnie. From Dan MW

  • stunning motors

  • Go and win it!! M-O

  • Ronnie, have to wear my SPY+ sunnies everytine i see your cars lol. M-O till i die

  • Awesome as always (TIGER ST )

  • looking good from RS @ M-O facebook

  • Awesome Ronnie....

  • This car looks as good as his other car always does. He loves to keep his cars spotlessly clean.

  • very very nice!!!

  • nice as always ron

  • Excellent example and very clean. russell bryan m-o

  • What a cracker!! Absolute beauty!!

  • Mr "Shiny Car" Ronnie does it again. Seen it in the flesh. Awesome job.

  • Stunning car

  • i love it mo

  • Absolutely fantastic looking motor. What a lovely job done.

  • nice looking car Ronnie cheers Vic

  • Both stunning cars a real credit to you ronnie

  • Looks mint! M-O

  • Beautiful colour. Great stance and tastefully done interior. M-o

  • shiny enough to do your make up in, cracking looking cars

  • beautiful st200 m-o

  • Good luck Ronnie - Hope you win with the ST200 - Dave Masterson M-O

  • looks good

  • mmmmm gorgeous m-o-southeast

  • top job..

  • nice looking pair of mondeos, very jealous

  • Good luck, Anthony McBride, M O

  • Wicked nothing else to say.

  • Looks great

  • Looks great Ronnie as always, ryan lindop m-o

  • spotless car

  • Go Ronnie go

  • Looking good

  • This car is stunning, Carl M MO

  • Good Luck Ronnie ..... from Crash @M-O

  • good looking car

  • cracking job ronnie . MO

  • thats ace m8 nice to see them looked after

  • very nice

  • Beautiful St200

  • Richard castle M O

  • Defo best job I've seen in a long time if ever! Well done

  • Fantastic cars Ronnie, great example for Ford. M-O, David Fletcher

  • Richard james

  • mint

  • absolutly stunning ronnie

  • Stunning cars, loads of time and effort spent getting them to this standard. Well done Ronnie. M-O

  • excellent write up and great result and great looking motor

  • Looks stunning Ronnie, love the ST200's. Tony

  • monDAZeo

  • Naithan Lloyd M-O

  • Beautiful cars

  • certainly got the WOW factor, they look fantastic

  • Stunning, as always Ronnie!

  • nice job

  • Beautiful to say the least!!!

  • nice!!

  • awesome car

  • Stunning cars

  • Shinny as always

  • stunning cars both the 200 and the 220

  • your two mondeos are well polished and looked after FORDS.RONNIE THE MAN FOR POLISHING

  • looks amazing

  • Not many in as good a condition as this you can see all the hard work that's gone in to it.

  • This guy takes such good care of his car.

  • very nice motor

  • Never seen anybody put so much effort into there cars. They are a credit to all his hard work.

  • a stunning 200 and a testament to Ronnie and his love of mondeos

  • The finish looks amazing

  • Ronnie treasures his beautiful Mondeos and only ever uses your products.Those babies gleam.

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